Thursday, November 17, 2016

51 114 133 | Taylor Swift's 1989 album, was it a subliminal for the 2016 election?

They were talking about Taylor Swift's album 1989 on the radio today, and two things popped into my head.  That's the year the Berlin Wall fell, November 9, and it is also the year the 'New Black Panther Party' was established.  New Black Panther Party = 89; Black Panther Party = 74

I'm thinking about Donald Trump, becoming President on the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and being seen as a racist, and threat to those who are not white.

The "artist", Taylor Swift, was also born in 1989.

The name 'Taylor Swift' has gematria of 51/60/168 (New York City = 168).
Taylor = 28/91; Swift = 23/32/77

Her date of birth stands out in regards to the parallel with 'Trump' and the 'White House'.

12/13/1989 = 12+13+19+89 = 133 (White House) (Government)
12/13/1989 = 12+13+(1+9+8+9) = 52
12/13/1989 = 1+2+1+3+1+9+8+9 = 34
12/13/89 = 12+13+89 = 114 (President of the United States) (Trump Card)

The album was released October 27, 2014, the day that leaves 65-days left in the year.

10/27/2014 = 10+27+20+14 = 71
10/27/2014 = 10+27+(2+0+1+4) = 44
10/27/2014 = 1+0+2+7+2+0+1+4 = 17
10/27/14 = 10+27+14 = 51 (Taylor Swift)

Let's keep in mind that Taylor Swift is '27' in 2016.


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    1. Prince's 4-21 death is exactly 10 months 6 days from 2/27/17. That is going to be a very big day for many reasons. I have said before how Taylor Swift will probably die that day. 4/21 to Taylor's birthday is 7 months 22 days or 33 weeks and some change. 2/27 is also 10 weeks and 6 days after Tay-Tay's 27th birthday. This also includes Anton Yelchin, who died at 27 on 6/19/16 or 8 months 8 days before 2/27. Further connecting them was the pivot point death of Pete Burns on 10/23(123) or 4 months 4 days after and before both death dates. There is a lot more than this considering Taylor Swift(1008), New York City(1008), 2/27 is 22 days after the SuperbOwl and T-Dawg sings Welcome to New York(222). The Prince connection is new. Oh, and check it...

      Swift Burns Yelchin=227

    2. I have that one marked down from earlier lol. I remember your work on this from another blog post. Good shit.

    3. Lol. I promise not to bring her up again until she is either Dead or Alive on the 28th.


    4. It is funny how one of her co-writers is named Antonoff. They have sprinkled so many clues about this on that it isn't even funny. Makes me think it could be a red herring, but.....

    5. Antonoff even has a similar birthday to Anton Yelchin. 3/31/84 for Antonoff, 3/11/89 for Yelchin. Antonoff is named Jack which is another name for the Devil. Anton Levay was the most predominant Satanist ever, and Taylor is rumored to be a clone of his daughter. See how they tie it all up?

    6. Lord...Shoot me an email if you really wanna know the truth about the whole 'Cloning' issue....

  2. "artist".... Lol you kill me Zach...

  3. Lucas Oil was established in 1989, and Andrew Luck was born in 1989 as well