Thursday, November 17, 2016

Halftime box score, Thursday Night Football, November 17, 2016, Saints @ Panthers

The Saints had 33 rushing yards until Brees took a one yard loss.

Tonight, nothing screams out at me in the box score.  You?


  1. Lol doesn't look good or look like it feel good for LAMAR "HEISMAN TROPHY" JACKSON tonight bro.... This must be his get his ass cracked night

  2. Not that much fame in world too make me get hit like dat for 2 quaters ... Shiiiid

  3. 2 17pt lead 34 = 6 cam gets 6th loss vs saints

  4. Panthers scored 3 in the 1st qtr and 17 in the 2nd qtr

    317 is the 66th prime number.

    1. These are the numbers you need to look out for. Cam went on to pick up win 49.

      Revelation (49) is the 66th book of the bible.

      Bree's went on to get his 54th loss another number often paired with 49 + 66. 54 = Mark of the beast, the beast in revelation that was granted power from the dragon for 42 months. Emphisis on 42.

      Dragon 32.

      3 - 20. 32. Saints had 32 rushing yards see how Bree's 54th loss was foretold?

      They absolutely love repeating storys from revelation through these numbers. I'll keep an eye on the significance of the 54, im yet to know if it is always a negative number in terms of results something tells me it wont be.

    2. Also The Sun = 54. We also had the numbers for Saturn in play here with cams 93rd game, huge masonic Saturn - Sun ritual. God knows were the energy created from this game has gone

  5. jabrill peppers will get the heisman most likely

  6. Willie Snead with 2 catches for 23 yards? It's the 322nd day of the year. Also Ingram leads the Saints with 47 yards receiving. Other than that nothing pops to me.

  7. Game ends on the 44 yard line ..saints were adamant on doing so on the last three plays..