Wednesday, November 2, 2016

54 | TNT playing Back to the Future as Cubs win 2016 World Series, November 2, 2016


Back to the Future talks about the Cubs World Series.  Fitting it is playing on TNT at the same time the Cubs are winning the 112th World Series.

TNT = 54
Baseball = 54
#54 got the win for the Cubs, Game 7


  1. Lol wow!

    I just saw that Brock Lesner and Goldberg are fighting on 11/20. 112. This is a rematch 12 years ago. Goldberg beat him and Brock went on to the NFL for the Vikings but was cut 2004-5 season. Goldberg drafted in 1990 by the rams and is coming up on his 50th birthday
    Maybe some NFL programming here?

    1. Lesnar went to University of Minnesota.
      Finished with 106 wins 5 losses

    2. Is Austin going to show up and be the ref again? That OG match was pretty funny, the crowd hated both Bill and Brock, and they pretty much killed the fight.

  2. OMG! There has been a lot going on with that movie right now. And I just found out that people are reporting new Mandela Effects today and one really jumped out at me, apparently Coke Zero is now Coca Cola Zero. Look at the numbers on Coke...LOL!! Message in a bottle maybe?
    "coke zero" in the English Reduction system equals 44 (3+6+2+5+0+8+5+9+6)
    "coca cola zero" in the English Reduction system equals 54 (3+6+3+1+0+3+6+3+1+0+8+5+9+6)

  3. I guess in the BTF timeline there was no strike in 94 so they won it in 2015

    1. Nope because the movie was in the 80s.

  4. On HBO they played bicentennial man right after the Cubs won I thought forsure there had to be a message since robin Williams is the star and he was sacrificed in 14 well

    From today 11/2 to release date 12/17 is a total of 46 days
    Chicago=46 Chicago Cubs=46
    From start of WS to release date is 54 days baseball=54

    From robin Williams bday 7/21 to Election Day =110(president)

    And zach also posted this about the 94 World Series in 14

    From 8/11 to release date 12/17 is 4 months 6 days

    Bicentennial=108(108 year drought),54 (baseball)

    Great documentation zach

    1. Actually as they won as well as BTF

    2. And since zachs bday is 7/21 as well 110 days from election day I think he should be president

    3. HBO and tnt both owned by time warner
      Time warner =54

    4. The plot says he is a 200 year old robot but he doesn't turn 200 till the end meaning he is 199 through the whole movie makes sense though

      199 is the 46th prime

    5. Directed and produced by Chris Columbus
      Chris Columbus=55/64
      Chicago Cubs=46/55
      Bicentennial man=64

      Columbus born 9/10 (91) (Chicago Cubs )

    6. Christopher Columbus the murderer of the Indians arrived in America on 10/12/1492 (112) like 112th World Series where the Indians lost

    7. Ok last one
      from Chris Columbus birthday 9/10 to game 7 ,11/2 is 54 days again 54=baseball


    8. HBO is another way to write H20 as in water.
      The president's initials are BHO.

      HBO/826 or 88

      I haven't seen Bicentennial Man I'll check it out. Was thinking the other day about another Robin Williams movie Mrs. Doubtfire where he played an actor who was thrown out of house by his wife, who then snuck back in disguised as a female Scottish nanny.
      Definitely a read between the lines tale.

  5. Was checkin' out Stephen Hawking last while ... reckon his number might be up soon.