Tuesday, November 15, 2016

74 | The NBA's latest soap opera, LeBron James upset about Phil Jackson's 'posse' remark

Posse = 16+15+19+19+5 = 74 (Gematria) (English) (Masonic) (Jewish) (Occult) (N-Word)
Posse = 7+6+1+1+5 = 20/38

I know a good '323' in light of the '74' above.

Remember, the NBA started the MVP award in 1955.  The "me, me, me" award.

Satan = 19+1+20+1+14 = 55 (Remember the Durant '555' commercial the year he was MVP?)

As for the name 'Phil Jackson', it connects to Chicago, where his legacy began.

Phil Jackson = 46
Chicago = 46

The Cavs are 46-years old, in their 47th season right now.


Sports are more about soap opera than sport.  This is soap opera stuff.