Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reader Contribution | Chiefs Longsnapper "killed" in Oklahoma City airport shooting, November 15, 2016 +1966 NFL & MLB Championships


  1. Are these clues to how post season will go?

  2. Zach when you get a chance can you look at these posts please, points out some more connections on Trump, his commercial, his book, etc.


  3. The fact that Will Rogers airport is named after a cowboy actor who died in a plane crash, has got to make you curious. He was born in November and this incident happens 11 days after his 11-4 bday. Now get this shit...

    Will died at age 55.
    From his birthday 11-4-1879 to today is 50,050 days or 137 years, 11 days.

    Its been 81 years and 3 months since he died on 8-15-1935

    He was called
    Oklahoma's Favorite Son=239

    His aphorisms, couched in humorous terms, were widely quoted: "I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat." Another widely quoted Will Rogers comment was "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."

    William Penn Adair Rogers=243

    243=Golden State Warriors

    Which is even more interesting that a guy in Oklahoma City got shot and killed in an airport named after a guy with complete name gematria matching up with KD and the Warriors.

    1. You're one of the better posters on here... What do you think this all means?

    2. If only I knew. I am not even completely sure that they are "coding" for future events as much as they are somehow spellcasting through the media. Repetition is the key the success of anything, and that includes esoteric black magic stuff that we will never understand because most of us are not willing to go that deep into the dark. Its literally a giant Spellweave being spun ontop of our reality and words and their SPELLing are very important. Hence, the push towards illiteracy and acronyms. Yolo, afterall, and these mofos r str8 86in our ability to fight back, yfm?

      In all honesty, I feel like weird connections like these just string another bit of web over "our" eyes, and pretty soon we won't be able to see past it. Kinda like a steady build up of proteins on your eyes until finally you go blind.

      Spiritual Glaucoma=1188, 881J

      It's a TRAP!!!!

  4. Zach, ever consider doing a post on David Blaine the magician? His special is on TV right now.

    His birthday is April 4th (4/4), which you could add to this post of yours: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/04/44-47-64-74-404-474-magnetic-rims-in.html?m=1

  5. Zach, I just put a wall of text on your latest yt vid. Check your spam filter :)

  6. Here's my post from youtube, in case they buried it in the trash...

    Zach, a big puzzle piece for the coming Super Bowl was just dropped in our laps I think. NFL.com is reporting that running back Christine Michael is being cut by the Seattle Seahawks, seemingly out of the blue. Check this out:

    Christine Lynn Michael = 221 (The Bavarian Illuminati)(Wikipeadia lists him as being "221" lbs., what a joke!)

    Christine Lynn Michael = 104, 113 (Jerusalem = 104)(Mainstream, Dishonest, etc. = 113)(Championship, Super Bowl = 131...)

    Christine Lynn Michael = 920 in Jewish Gematria

    In the NFL.com article, the writer mentions that any running back deficient team will snatch him off of waivers. They specifically mentioned 3 teams: GIANTS, VIKINGS, AND RAVENS. In regards to 920, it is the New York Giants 92nd season.

    Christine Michael = 156, 84, & 93
    Connections to Thirty-three, United States of America, Saturn, and New York Also:

    Eli = 156

    Christine Michael = 420 in Jewish Gematria. 42 is of course the special Freemason number, and also connects to 'NYC'.

    Christine = 51
    Michael = 51 (& of course 33) (Super Bowl 51)

    Christine = 630 (1-63 summed = 2016)

    Christine Michael was born on November 9th, 1990. That's right, NOVEMBER 9TH!!! The one year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. We all know how 9/11 connects to New York, and how 11/9 connects to the "Champion" of the Presidential Election, so to speak, who is also from NYC.

    (Nothing but 1's and 9's)
    11+9+19+90 = 129 (America)
    11+9+1+9+9+0 = 39(New York)(NRG)(Indianapolis is on the 39th parallel)(Christine Michael = 93, the reflection) 1+1+9+1+9+9+0 = 30
    11+19+90 = 110(President)(The President Elect is from New York...)

    1. This news of him being cut came today, 6 days after his 26th birthday, or a span of 144 hours.

      Six = 52 (Prophecy)(Super Bowl 51 being played on 5/2) Forty four = 144 (From 11/9 birthday to this news is 144 hours, Donald Trump will be the 44th Person to be President)
      Eli = 26

      Anyway, this news comes 11/15/2016
      11+15+20+16 = 62 (Mason)
      11+15+2+0+1+6 = 35(Tom Brady?)(Catholic?)
      1+1+1+5+2+0+1+6 = 17(Eli)
      11+15+16 = 42(NYC)

      From today until the Super Bowl is 82 days, or a span of 11 weeks and 5 days! Another Trump connection? It's also a span of 2 months and 21 days!

      Christine Lynn Michael = 221

      He wore #32 on the Seahawks. 131 is the 32nd prime. Super Bowl = 131, Championship = 131

      On Wikipedia, it says that his name is Christine because his mom wanted a girl and named the baby before she knew his sex. According to him, she likened it to the character in the Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue".

      A Boy Named Sue = 44, 53
      2+5+20+17 = 44 (Super Bowl 51 date)
      Eli Manning = 53
      53 is the 16th prime, as in 2016

      For some more ridiculousness by the numbers, his amount of carries for the season is 117, and for his career, 223. Right now he has 966 career yards.

      Freemason = 96
      NFL(Jewish) = 66
      Masonic = 223

      117 is the number following Trump around, and some would say the real 9/11 is actually 7/11 because SEPTember. This man was born on the reflection, 11/9. Also, the divisors of 117, if you exclude 117 & 1, are 3, 9, 13, & 39. It factors out as 3*3*13.

      He hasn't been picked up by any team yet, but I would bet my HOUSE on him being picked up by the Giants, especially with how "BAD" they are at running the football.

      Here's the original article: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000740368/article/seahawks-waive-running-back-christine-michael

      It was originally posted at 5:55 pm, by Jeremy BERGMAN. Eli just got his 55th Home win, the Seahawks just won with 55 points over NEP, and I expect Luck to get a win and go to 5-5 on the year this Sunday. Luck has 5 losses exactly in all 5 of his seasons right now, and of course was injured last year in career game number 55, and won last week 55 days after his birthday.

      Jeremy = 1120 (Jewish Gematria)
      Bergman = 33
      Jeremy Bergman = 64
      Israel, ZIon, Thelema, Do What Thou Wilt, and?......

      New York Giants

      I rest my case.

    2. Very nice Matt!

      As Above, So Below = 48/57/66/84/156

    3. Good work. What rugged NFL running back in named 'Christine'? Interesting to say the least.

    4. That is good. Money on him hitting New York. Christ, Christine, Christy, Trump family has Christ in their lineage.

  7. Nice Matt

    Christine Michael was part of the Seahawks SB victory over Eli's brother in Giants & Jets stadium. The sum of the game score is 51 like the upcoming SB. It's on the same network (FOX) too.

    If the Colts are the afc representative, then it would be Peyton's little brother vs. Peyton's successor. Also Archie son vs. Oliver son.

  8. How does a bullet locate and kill a NFL Player's father? This is the 3rd death of a "Father" of someone with celebrity status that is post election. "Michael WINchester" was a former "Punter" dead at "52" yrs of age.

    "Trump Tower " in English Reduction equals 52
    "Masonic Order" in English Gematria equals 512
    "Father" in English Reduction equals 31
    "Punter" in English Reduction equals 31
    "Tuesday" in English Gematria equals 1310
    "Father" in English Ordinal equals 58
    "Michael Winchester" in English Reduction equals 85
    "Freemasonry" in English Reduction equals 58
    "Kansas City Chiefs" in English Reduction equals 64
    "James Winchester" in English Reduction equals 64
    "WIN" in the English Ordinal system equals 46 (prefix)
    "Sacrifice" in English Reduction equals 46
    "False Deaths" in English Gematria equals 460

    "NBC" Online News reported that the shooting has been deemed "Premeditated" and "Not Random"

    "NBC" in English Gematria equals 55
    "Satan Worship" in English Reduction equals 55
    "Not Random" in English Gematria equals 555
    "Premeditated" in English Ordinal equals 120
    "Political Sacrifice" in English Sumerian equals 1020
    "Not Random" in English Sumerian equals 684
    "Strange Deaths" in English Sumerian equals 846

    1. Weird thing is that ATL's place kicker, Matt Bryant, had to Punt in Philadelphia, which he had never done in a game. Maybe a sign in Prophecy land of what was to come.