Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reader Contribution | Seahawks cut Christine Michael (Heading to New York Giants?)

I'll also remind that this is the second time the Seahawks have cut Michael.  His first time with the team, he wore the number '33'.  Michael = 33


  1. 'Trump Pence'...'Trump-Prince' and the Purple Revolution...Play on 'Prince and the Revolution'...Purple = 88...Trump = 88

    Clintons were Purple during Hillary's concession speach on 11/9

    George Soros and Clintons Launches a "Purple Revolution" against Trump


    Dave Chappelle appeared on SNL to congratulate Donald Trump on 11/12/2016 - Season 42, Episode 6,,,

    Chappelle = 42,,,

    donald = 50,,,

    Chappelle Revolution = 229,,,

    229 is the 50th prime number,,,

    Dave Chappelle portrayed Prince and the Revolution in an episode of the Chappelle's Show - Season 2, Episode 5 which aired on February 18, 2004,,,

    dave Chappelle Revolution = 108,,,

    politician = 108

    Vladimir = 88Putin wore Purple during Reaction to Trump Victory Speech on 11/9

    Putin in Freemasonic Clothing along with George W Bush at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Hanoi on 11/19/2006

    1. Awesome work. With regards to 'Revolution', I am thinking about the ties between Trump and George Washington, the President after the American Revolution.

    2. Don't forget who always opened before the Revolution...

      Morris Day(744 like United States) and The Time(80)

      80 like 8 like Infinity like time like Trump(88)

    3. Morris Day has the same 12/13 birthday as Taylor Swift, so that means his 59th birthday will be 7 months and 22 days after 4/21. Also leaves, 10 weeks and 6 days until 2/27/17, which I have been labeling for Tay's death, but maybe it is for Morris. Or maybe New York gets nuked and we lose lots of celebrities.

      More likely, if Morris Day were to die soon, I would guess New Year's Eve. Which is 18 days after his birthday to match all the 108s, 18s, 1008s, that have been all over. Then of course, the New Years countdown is when the party's almost outta Time. And that date gives us a Time inversion with Prince and the 108, as 12/31 is 8 months and 10 days after Prince kicked the fake bucket, or a fun filled 6096 hours. 696. Time keeps on slippin...

    4. oracle delphi = 108

      politician = 108

      Its all coded to the ancient temples and witchraft

      I had a 696 come up somewhere...I have to look or it...

  2. There is a lot more...Dr Strange was also coded to Trump....

    1. Does Strange end up with the Time Stone. Fuck a spoiler alert. He has it in the comics. And slowly these Marvel movies are moving towards the Illuminati Storyline.

    2. Yes he does...I posted the whole thing on Dan's Blog...It sort of a crude breakdown..Didnt have to make it all shiny...It shows that the President indeed is an Augur...A soceror and high priest of the ancient gods..Also see my posts below...

    3. Goes back to Rome Egypt and Babylon

    4. Here is George Washingtn laying the cornerstone of the Capitol building in full Freemasonic cerimonial garb...He was a 33 degree Master Mason...In Rome Egypt and Babylon, this functon was offiiated by the high priests or augurs..

    5. I shall delve in. Funny enough, that long snapper who just lost his dad was born in Washington, Oklahoma.

    6. The Revolution may not be televised, but I will guarantee you

      The Revolution will be Streamed=332

    7. Lord...Ive seen you post here a lot...Am I right in assuming that you think there may be higher levels, or other dimensions to this coding that hasnt been fully understood yet?

    8. Oh yes. There is so much more. I understand how people can't see that yet, it takes quite a few "steps" to get past the material. But yes, there is something or some many things, more. The trick is, it is nearly impossible to explain with materials(words), but people who do get it(mysticism) can use the materials and find deeper understandings.

      If it doesn't make Cents, who needs it? Motto of the Sheeple.

    9. do you have and email?? or facebook??

    10. I try to allude to it.


      Most people don't know how to talk about it. And

      Time is Growing Short=248, 1488(President Donald Trump)

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  3. Check out the Rugrats Cartoon Season 5 episode 1 (5-1)
    Its called "Lady Luck"

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  5. Washington was the Countries first AUGUR...Hence the Presidential in'AUGUR'ation

    The Augur in ancient Rome was the priest of the Gods Jupitor and Saturn...The priests and high goverment officials also wore Purple Togas...

    priest = 33

    augury = 93

    saturn = 93

    augur = 68

    Donald John Trump = 68

    George Washington = 88

    trump = 88

    purple = 88

  6. Obama wore Purple and the entire stage was Purple for BET’s Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration for President Obama on Oct 21, 2016...

    Love and Happiness = 72

    President Trump=72

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  8. In regards to Soros and Clinton's attempts to overthrow the election via the Electoral College and massive violent protests and civil unrest using the Purple Revolution..

    coup d'etat = 33

    protests = 33

    Secrecy = 33

    Masonry = 33

    Bonesmen = 33

    Clinton = 33

  9. Dont sleep on Putin and the two 11/9 dates being coordinated to the US Presidents...Its shows that he is also part of the gang...