Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dow Futures fall more than 800 points on night of election, November 8, 2016 +2008 de ja vu




  1. Any prediction on final electoral vote count?

    1. Trump 311 the old KKK number k=11 3 - 113's
      'Billary' = 227

      64th prime - 49th prime = 15, isn't that the God number?

  2. If a none knows anything about the market, it's time to consider buying soon, not yet but soon.... You wanna talk betting, I'm a trader, in 2013 I had 63% gains alone, got new car, house and things to fill it. Buy soon, not yet... Buy low once people deal with it for a little bit, but you gotta do your research, no shit talk.

  3. What a psy-op!! Just yesterday I saw a crawl-line saying it was UP by TRIPLE DIGITS!!
    So -- even if it DID "fall" ... it's ONLY lost some of yesterday's Gain.

    But then -- why would ANYONE trust stock market figures anyway?
    The figures have ALWAYS been manipulated -- even MORE so since the introduction of Digital & Computer-Assisted Trading ... Not to mention the ever-unpredictable influences of the "Dark Pools".

    It's a "Game" STRICTLY for the Uber-Wealthy ...
    Because -- THEY ... NEVER ... "LOSE".