Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ESPN front page stories, Game 6 of World Series, November 1, 2016 (Kyle Schwarber batting 2nd in Game 6)


  1. Zach! Take a look into the Dakota Access Pipeline that runs from North Dakota to Illinois if you get a chance before the game. I'm sure it's heavily connected to the World Series as its been all over the news and it runs to Illinois while going through the Indian reservation

    Great work

    1. The tribe name sums to 223, like 'Curse of the Billygoat'.

    2. In South Dakota the price of Gas has locked at $2.23 for a long time.

    3. It will transport between 470,000 and 570,000 barrels of oil per year!

      Definitely connected to WS as it involves Illinois and Native Americans.

  2. heres another article that has ties to the pirates, indians, cubs,the negro leagues and the world series:


  3. headline is:
    Statues of Satchel Paige and Larry Doby, who played for Cleveland in ’48 World Series victory, are gone from Legacy Square

  4. When the Indians won the WS in 1948 they won in Game 6 on 10/11 =111
    Tonight is Game 6 on 11/01 =111

  5. Wow!...I'm back....Had to take a break. First Post. Funny though. The first thing I look at I find something very interesting:

    The message in the sign:

    "We Believe" = 88

    In Satanic = 88 * 6 = 528
    "Illumination" = 528

    If we add the year as shown:
    "We Believe Two Thousand Sixteen" = 137 [33rd Prime]
    "Military Entertainment Complex" = 137

    "We Believe Two Thousand Sixteen" = 344
    "Rigged Election" = 344

    I find it amusing that a woman is holding the sign. Leaving me to believe the message is:
    "We are rigging the election for the woman"

    Notice how the "W" has a "Square" around it and I'm sure that is a coincidence that:

    "Square W" = 41 & 104 kind of like "Made for TV" = 41 & 104
    "W Squared" = 108 <==== Zach's work on 108 is extensive.

    It all lines up under the umbrella of:
    "Chicago Cubs" = 376
    "Occult" = 376

    I think Zach is going to end up being right about the Cubs.

    1. Welcome back! I was wondering where you went lol.

  6. In regards to Francisco Lindo the 22 year old Shortstop for the Cleveland Indians. "Cleveland Indians" in Eng.Sumerian sums to 888 and "Shortstop" in Eng. Gematria sums to 888. "Francisco in Eng.Ordinal sums to 88 and in Eng. Gematria it sums to 322. The number for the Secret Society-Skull & Bones. Which is based on the scripture in Gen.3:22.

    1. "Military Industrial Complex" = 322
      "Trumpster in the Dumpster" = 322

      "Horse Race" = 322 Jewish

  7. I find it interesting that:
    "Game Six" = 33 & 42 <====

    "Game Seven" = 55 & 91
    "Chicago Cubs" = 55 & 91
    "Deception" = 91

  8. I assume we will get the Superbowl message we have been waiting for during the World Series, only because:

    "Chicago Cubs Fan" = 112 <===
    "Houston" = 112
    "Andrew Luck" = 112

    Nevermind that, in Satanic:
    112 * 6 = 672

    "Zionist" = 672

  9. Also, the post states that he is the"New Face" of Indians Baseball. "New Face" in Eng.Ordinal sums to 57 and in Eng. Gematria 570. I was thinking that the phrase "New Face" has something to do with a mask?
    "New Face" in Eng. Reduction sums to 30 and "Clown Mask" in Eng. Reduction sums to 30. He is going to throw the game?

  10. espns sage steele just said its like 71 degress in cleveland