Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reader Contribution | 322, Prime Numbers & Square Numbers (More from trav W)

More from trav W!

Recall what we revealed the other day about 12^2 and 21^2 when compared with 13^2 and 31^2.
* ^ = squared


  1. The trickey part for me is when do square a number or add all its digits or add it to its inverse then multiply the many different techniques. And they are all legitimate studied techniques used by mathematicians. Tricky stuff. Then, if you do any sort of decoding with math that takes more than 3 steps, sheeps call coincidence.

  2. Excellent work Trav!

    Matthew Nicholson uses the same kind of methods and some additional ones. He has some very interesting finds on his channel. 11/26/2016 has a ton of alignments in these same manners so I'm fully expecting something to happen, I just hope he is wrong about it meaning WW3.

  3. This is good work! The 616 reference struck me - it makes me think of this article about Steve Bannon with this in the title - Darkness is Good = 61, 160, 960 and 610. 61 is the 18th prime and 53 is the 16th prime. Darkness is good = 530 Jewish Gematria. Here's the article - written by Daniella Diaz (also 53)

    Needless to say this comment by him is stiking:
    "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power. It only helps us when they (liberals) get it wrong. When they're blind to who we are and what we're doing," he said in an interview published Friday, his first outside of Breitbart since the election.

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    2. Forgot to mention NWO = 16,52,312 and 610

      also Bannon and Cheney both = 360 ES

  4. Trav might have finally given me an answer on that number 187!

    Like trav said maths tells the story in everything, weather its multiplying division square root, adding divisors all these numbers connect someway.

    Like Allusion says though the tricky part is working out which way to do it, especially if your going to try and predict events. There doesn't seem to be any rules with numerology at least we dont know the rules if there is any.

    1. I hear you and a few times people have said 187, oh its homicide code. No fucking shit, pedestrian, some people can be such effing tourists. That's on the surface it has more to it.

      I see that the sum of its divisors are 216.

      216 is 6 x 6 x 6

      So 187 is a secondary or tertiary 666, in my new opinion.

    2. Ahhh why did i not see that before?

      Cristiano Ronaldo - 187.

      Born feb 2nd... 5/2. 52 prophecy coded all over him.

      36th day of the year... 6x6. Goes huge on a date with 66 numerology. 79 days before his birthday.

      Ronaldo - 79.
      Cristiano Ronaldo - 79.

      See how this guy was just born to be a champion at his sport.

    3. Also interesting is how 187=11x17, and the 187th prime is 1117. That must be quite rare, making 187 a rather special number. Also in light of the 711/911 connections.

    4. great spot!

      11+17 = 28. Twenty eight = 156. 156th prime = 911...

      One thousand one hundred seventeen = 137. 137 the 33rd Prime.

      Thirty three - 156. Towers fell 33 years after being constructed... Shits nuts.

    5. Look at 33's significances we can see why its so important to Freemasonry.

      Divisors sum to 48. Illuminati - 48. Donald Trump 48.

      Its Prime is 137, divisors of that sum to 138.

      Master Mason - 138. Donald Trump - 138.

      Why is master mason 138?

      Freemason = 42/96.

      42 + 96 = 138. So makes sense for a Master Mason = 138. Who would then be a 33rd degree mason. Incorporating the 33 and 138 through a prime number.

      Primes being the linking points.

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    7. Subtraction... 666-216 = 450 If you're into dropping zeros it is a 45 (potentially presidential)

      216-187 = 29... 29 is the 10th prime.

      I said in the diverse football discussion thread that the 10th fibonacci is 55. Like the news story in college football yesterday, Joe Thomas playing at age 55. Wisconsin has another Joe Thomas outside of his son who plays football for the Packers.

      Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns, played for Wisconsin, he holds lots of shot put and discus records. Cleveland Browns people... They are 0-10 today. Ten. Connects to the other Joe Thomas who is 55 years old, possibly to his son on the Packers.

      Cleveland Browns win today.
      Green Bay Packers win today ONLY, if Clay Matthews #52 prophecy machine is playing.

      11 x 5 = 55 spell out fifty five, it has 3 f's.

      F = 6 666.

  5. A great crunch of the numbers, thank you. One day we'll figure this out.

  6. Yeah, I only know the basics on prime numbers, and use reduction and ordinal gematria. I'm ready to learn the next step, I don't know why or when to use the sums of divisors or whatever and Jewish gematria

  7. I was not familiar with 616 being attributed to the beast so I had to do a little homework.

    "666 is generally believed to have been the original Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation in the ChristianBible. In 2005, however, a fragment of papyrus 115 was revealed, containing the earliest known version of that part of the Book of Revelation discussing the Number of the Beast. It gave the number as 616, suggesting that this may have been the original. One possible explanation for the two different numbers is that they reflect two different spellings of Emperor Nero/Neron's name, for which (according to this theory) this number is believed to be a code."

  8. FYI. I have found this site to be helpful for the meaning of numbers in the Bible.

  9. Brilliant stuff. Ya gotta get a blog goin Trav wit all ya stuff, tis amazing. Was readin' this the other day ... the Wiki one is a bit off but worth a lookin'

    Also check out 'The Hamming Code' ... simplest being the '7/4' or '4/7' code ...

    Class stuff again man, all the best, Dar!

    1. Dar...Zach once said that you had surpassed him in your ability to decode stuff...What do you think are the most important concepts and methods to learn about?? (Besides the ones that Zach already teaches)??

  10. Did you see this story from last week?

    Shinnecock Canal
    Gematria Jewish 323
    Gematria Reduction 60
    Gematria Summerian 792
    Gematria Ordinal 132
    Gematria English 393

    40°53′15″N 72°30′5″W

    Hampton Bays
    Gematria Jewish 782
    Gematria Reduction 44
    Gematria Summerian 804
    Gematria Ordinal 134
    Gematria English 1232

    40°52′26″N 72°31′16″W

    Suffolk County
    Gematria Jewish 1175
    Gematria Reduction 53
    Gematria Summerian 1128
    Gematria Ordinal 188
    Gematria English 1835

    Gematria Jewish 555
    Gematria Reduction 48
    Gematria Summerian 774
    Gematria Ordinal 129
    Gematria English 795

    November 14, 2016
    11/14/2016 > 25/36 > 7/9
    1 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 16
    11 + 14 + (2 + 0 + 1 + 6) = 34
    11 + 14 + 20 + 16 = 61
    11 + 14 + 16 = 41

    1. Silver Bunker Fish
      Gematria Jewish 1354
      Gematria Reduction 81
      Gematria Summerian 1188
      Gematria Ordinal 198
      Gematria English 1224

      Menhaden Fish
      Gematria Jewish 246
      Gematria Reduction 61
      Gematria Summerian 636
      Gematria Ordinal 106
      Gematria English 286

      Chased by bluefish (symbolic?)

      Gematria Jewish 340
      Gematria Reduction 37
      Gematria Summerian 492
      Gematria Ordinal 82
      Gematria English 460

      Gematria Jewish 802
      Gematria Reduction 64
      Gematria Summerian 924
      Gematria Ordinal 154
      Gematria English 1162