Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reader Contribution | Death of Colts Ted Marchibroda, January 16, 2016

Let me add one thing about his date of death.

1/16/16 = 1+16+16 = 33

Remember the work on Ghost to the Post and the death of Ken Stabler in the summer of 2015?

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  1. Dave Casper give him a look through youll find alot more. He connects to Minnesota Vikings and colts and Oilers If im correct. Interesting matchup between this weeks Vikings amd redskins matchup. Between the rbs. Matt Asiata #44 =105. Asiata =51 playing in Washington, his 69th game including playoffs. From his previous bday to sunday is 112 days.Vikings last played Washington on 11/2/14. 2 years 11 days ago or 106 weeks. 84 days till superbowl and sum of divisors of 44 is 84. He had 3tds last time they played. Robert Kelley of the redskins =58,888,777. His first rush was against the NYG 49 days ago or 1month 19days. From his last bday his 24th is 41 days or 1 month 10days or 5 weeks 6 days. BUT on from his 23rd bday is 1 year 1month 10days or 407days or 111.51% of a common year. That's all Ive gotten to so far.

    1. His name equals those numbers not the phrase

    2. Asiata was the 1st person to score in the vikings and Giants game earlier in the season with odds of 10/1 like 101-lord of Karma, Saturn, hard long patience strict work

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    1. From the whole season this is the only game they play at that time.

  3. He was born march 15 (march-ibroda) the 74th day of the year, he played for the Chicago cardinals in 1957, hes the only man to ever coach both Baltimore teams, his récord in Baltimore colts was 41-33 (74)