Sunday, November 13, 2016

Van Jones references 'purple' in discussing the election, CNN special, November 12, 2016

"Nice purple."

Remember, Hillary resigned, with Bill behind her, and both wearing purple.

Propaganda = 93; Think about MLK and Malcolm X..., 39, 93...

If you watch the video, in the closing seconds there is a comment about Colin Kaepernick, and one of the men in the room responds, "I don't watch the NFL anymore."

It's all a script.


  1. Have you seen anything on this whole "Purple Revolution" people are talking about? Purple Revolution=1769/239/86 My apologies if you have already mentioned this and I missed it! Here is an article about it.

    I'm trying to figure out what the angle is here. We've got black lives matter, blue lives matter and now purple revolution. Sounds like we are getting beat up.

    1. Very true, black, blue, and purple are classic bruise/black eye colors. Maybe it's a reflection of how we all got spun and punked (punched) by the election.
      A black is also more one eye symbolism, and black and white/opposites/duality.

      Looking at how animals and nature use colors/coloring as signals is helpful, I think. Beetles are purple.

      I was thinking more along the lines of purple prose though. We live in a sea of words. So many are flung at us all day from the TV, internet, other people giving their opinions,etc... There are so many metaphors, and adjectives, and adverbs flung around at us everyday used to describe what's supposedly happening in the world that it can be/is bewildering for most. All these words flung at us from talking head "experts"- they just blah, blah, blah, all day, never really getting to the point, never really proving anything, its done on purpose to bamboozle us.

      And innuendo!!! Its ridiculous how much so called news is nothing but suggestions that something bad might happen because of (fill in the blank.) Notice how they will hint around at stuff constantly, but never actually come out and say it. They lead us to assume certain ideas. The movie Inception is a good example of this. The goal of Leo DiCaprio's team - note that the dream technology was developed by the military btw - was to plant an idea in someone's head that would lead them to act or think like you want them to, but to do this in a way that the person thinks it was their own idea and never suspects they were manipulated.

    2. And you know what Pru, that movie, though just entertainment, put the idea that experts just might be able to put ideas in people's heads, and sometime long after the movie, that idea will pop again in your head, and you won't even think of the movie.

      "Where'd you get that idea?"

      "I think from a movie or was it a dream?"

      I am sure we go into some sort of REM state when we are all in the dark staring at the silver screen.

    3. Yeah, I think we are actually in a lighter state of REM right now that we call "real life." The movie had three levels of dreams and if you died in the deeper levels you then went into a limbo state. Lots of interesting ideas in that movie. It came out the same year as Shutter Island which seemed to be pretty much the same idea told in a different way, using the same actor. In that movie the lighthouse/lobotomy was the limbo state where your memories are erased.

  2. VJT = 52 = Prophecy?

  3. From a quick internet search:

    "Purple, being a mixture of blue and red, is, to the Mason, the symbol of fraternal union because it is composed of the color adopted for the Master Mason's Lodge and that adopted for the Chapter of Royal Arch Companions, these two Masonic bodies being indissolubly connected since the Royal Arch is an essential and component part of the present-day mutilated Master Mason's degree. For this reason purple is adopted as the proper color for the Mark, the Past, and the Most Excellent Master degrees, to symbolize the fact that those degrees connect the Master Mason's degree with the Royal Arch."

    "Purple is a symbol of imperial royalty and richness but can also relate to penitence and the solemnity of Lent and Advent in the seasons of the Christian church.

    Although described (in the Royal Arch, for instance) as 'an emblem of union, being composed of blue and crimson,' I believe this to be a somewhat contrived explanation. But an interesting fact, which appears to have escaped most writers on this subject, is that in the Cabbala, the Hebrew word for purple, argaman, is a mnemonic, representing the initials of the names of the five principal angels in Jewish esoterism."

    And another link of interest:

    1. Plus, looking at a rainbow, indigo and violet are basically both purple. Indigo on the blue spectrum and violet on the red but both are colors in the purple family.

      And then a new rainbow starts again with Republican red, and Donald Trump's orange skin makeup.

    2. This all correlates to the chakras as well. The first and lowest is the root which is red and is the base of the spine, then the top of the spine, 33 vertibrae up is the throat chakra which is blue. Once you ascend up through those lower chakras you can reach the enlightened 6th and 7th chakras which are the third eye and the crown. Violet and indigo.
      So, is Trump the player that represents the baser chakras which is actually where they are keeping the masses...while they are wearing purple telling us that they are enlightened and we are stuck between the red and the blue baser chakras. Does that make sense? Basically it's more mocking of the sheep. Only the joke is on them...they aren't enlightened...they only think they are!

    3. I thought of rainbows and chakras too!
      Light through a prism (white the crown chakra) followed by Violet and Indigo (creativity and vision). By wearing those colors they are giving themselves the appearance of being ascended and mocking us with the Red and Blue.

    4. Yes Cheryl and you helped me have an epiphany just now! It's the Person that is the Prism. We refract the light, hence the colors of the chakras. I have been unraveling the allegory of the story of Noah and that just all the sudden made so much sense. The womb is like the ark, which also represents the "arc" of the sine wave of space and time and then when we are born into time after "40 days and 40 nights" in the "flood" sort of like the 40 weeks of gestation...then we see the rainbow, or the body, or person or prism. interesting. At least to me anyway. ;) They think we can't figure these things out...but I think we might actually begin to understand them better than they do. Because we aren't blinded by the desire for power, material wealth and for control. You can't be enlightened if you are concerned with these base natures. So while they mock us...I think many of us are actually more "conscious" than they are.

    5. Interesting to me too! The arc makes me think of that Japanese print The Great Wave.

    6. Oh, funny you say that! I just bought a book, The Activists Tao Te Ching, and that is on the cover! It's kind of neat how we are all on the same wavelength a lot around here! Pun intended!

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