Sunday, December 11, 2016

33 42 58 77 137 156 | October 29, 1998, the day 77-year old John Glenn "traveled to space"

October 29, 1998, a perfect date for a false flag space hoax.

10/29/1998 = 10+29+19+98 = 156 (Thirty-Three)
10/29/1998 = 10+29+(1+9+9+8) = 66 (Thirty-Three)
10/29/1998 = 1+0+2+9+1+9+9+8 = 39 (Old Testament)
10/29/98 = 10+29+98 = 137 (137, the 33rd prime)

Let us not forget that 'October' is the only '33' month.

Notice this mission came when he was 77-years old, after he just finished as a Senator in Washington D.C.

7x7 = 49

I love that the mission was 213-hours and 44 minutes.

Nimrod = 213 (Original Freemason)
Space = 44

As for '9' days, that connects to 'Freemason as well.

Also, it was the STS-95, and now John Glenn is dead at '95'.

NASA was established in '58.

Again, with the Freeamason goons, it has always been by the numbers.

Of course, all the men to travel to space, have been Freemasons.


  1. What is space anyway? Seems like the sky is sort of like the ceiling dome of a planetarium, black with timed lights projected on it.
    Or maybe it's green/blue screen.
    Is there anything even up there? I've given up believing anything NASA has to say.
    K ANSAs
    A SNAke

    1. I don't know either. Perhaps they don't as well, which is why they fill our head with fiction, that they want us to think.