Sunday, December 11, 2016

99 | Bi-partisan group of U.S. Senators says "we should be alarmed" about Russian election hacking (But propose to do nothing about it)

I fucking hate the way information is presented to us.  Look at all of these articles.  They're saying the election might have been hacked, but each article maintains the tone of "people need to know about this but not shit is going to be done about it".  Of course all of this is a bullshit narrative, as it always is with the mainstream media, meant to fuck with your head.

I am reminded of one quote.  "Those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything".


  1. I don't know if zerohedge is part of your news tour but something is being done - away from public

    'Senate Quietly Passes The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act"
    you were bang on about pizzagate, this legislation was introduced in June...convenient to have it sitting around for a time like this....almost like it was planned lol

    1. why the focus on Russia specifically?
      I think Putin is working for the Light side
      ie our side

  2. I hate these articles too. It's like an endless hazing, everytime u read this shit and get alarmed like u r supposed to its like saying, "yes sir, may I have another" to the bitch who just slapped you.

    No thanks, I won't have another and if u try it again I will fucking kill u.

    This is why I hate working in groups. Endless power struggles always going it seems

  3. This reminds of Peanuts by Charles Schultz. I always thought both the comic and the tv shows sucked and wondered who the hell liked it.
    Charlie Brown is such a depressing, bald-headed, angsty little twerp who took endless shit from his weird village of smarmy children and invisable adults who communicated thru indecipherable squawks. I kinda hated him for being such a sad sack wuss. Esp disliked the way he was portrayed as let Lucy trick him into trying to kick the football only to pull it away at last minute so he falls down. WTF is that supposed to be teaching kids? Probably they will say it's about handling life's disappointments, blah, etc...but I disagree. It seems to be saying bend over and take it, bitch. Also disturbing male/ female role modeling. And that bullying is ok.

    I quit watching it because Charlie Brown never did the correct thing which would be to kick Lucy in the face the next time she pulled that trick. I would have beat the fuck out of her.
    Hey, sometimes u gotta fight physical. I'm a girl and it's not my first choice but after awhile the torment needs to end one way or another and It feels good to punch a bitch and bullYing stops immediately. That's been my experience anyway.

    1. Go YT James Gunn A Very Peanus Christmas. That is not a type-o.

  4. There's this website called whose mission it is to find 'fake news'; there's even a list of websites propornot deem 'questionable'--I personally think this site is questionable.

    There's also HR 6393 (the Intelligence Authorization Act) that the House passed ( What I got from it was that any criticism of the government would be labeled as 'Russian propaganda'.