Saturday, December 17, 2016

33 42 | TANG, what astronauts drink

Remember, every astronaut to travel to space has been a "Freemason".

G also represents '33' in 'Francis Bacon Gematria'.  Let us not forget that 'TANG' is 'orange' in color, just like astronauts.  The 33rd Degree, orange and powdery.


  1. When I was a kid in Boy Scouts, we would have TANG. One overnight someone threw some on the fire. It flared up like gun powder. By far the coolest trick an 11 year old could find out.

    Tang is very flammable. Probably other powdered drinks, too.

    1. Lol I was in scouts too. What rank did you hit?

    2. Probably flared up from the high sugar content --

      After all, sugar has been the cornerstone of American "nutrition" (at least) since the 60's ... LOL!

      I bet that looked pretty cool :D

  2. TANGerine = 93

    Maybe like a FUBU thing (for us by us)
    For masons by masons

  3. Ask your mom about Space Food Sticks. They were very popular in the 70's.

    "Capitalizing on the popularity of the Apollo space missions, Pillsbury marketed Space Food Sticks as a "nutritionally balanced between meal snack". Fourteen individually packaged sticks were included in a box, and came in six flavors such as peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate."

    This site has vintage television commercials.

    Of course we washed them down with Kool-Aid. :)

    Space Food Sticks
    Gematria Jewish 571
    Gematria Reduction 57
    Gematria Summerian 990
    Gematria Ordinal 165
    Gematria English 741

    1. I remember those! Lol They always made me feel queasy.

      Bless her heart -- my mother thought she was helping us get all our "nutrients" by giving us these.

      A Space Food Stick & a glass of TANG -- or a glass of Instant Breakfast -- supposedly equalled a breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon & toast. So said their ads, anyway.

      Must've been pure chemicals though, because all of it always made me feel sick to my stomach.

      They were instilling the mindset of "Breakfast On The Go" -- getting that generation's kids ready to become the Working Moms & Dual-Working Couples of the 80's -- who no longer had time to cook in the morning. ;D

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  5. Every astronaut who has ever been in "space" is a freemason
    because they don't actually go to space.
    When you really look into it, you find zero evidence of humans ever been in space.

    Why believe in anything unless facts and observations force you to?
    Look into it yourself.

    1. Ok, us truthers on the non sports blogs know this, preaching to the choir.

  6. None of us even know what space actually is.

    1. Space serves many agendas. It is there to make you feel tiny and insignificant. It is there to present a limitation that you will never be able to leave. It is there as a metaphor for getting out of yourself and moving on into the great beyond. They want you to think that they are becoming masters of space, and therefore bigger and better than you. But nobody can get up there. Nobody gets outta here alive.

    2. I've been musing lately that what they call space is a state of water that we have no familiarity with, so we don't recognize it. It's like a slightly heavier more oily maybe version of water. That could be where we get gravity. The water above and below our little island earth pins us down perhaps.

      Water is a shape shifter. It's fluid, ice, steam/humidity, and it's us as well. Our flesh suits are mostly made of it, as they tell us, so why not space?

    3. @Lord Of Allusion
      Agreed. Well said.

      @Prunella Jones.
      Could be. Water is indeed essential for everything, so why wouldn't there be water in some kind of low density state in "space" (i.e. up) too.

      Very interesting comments. Thank you both.

  7. Tango is T in the phonetic alphabet.

    Tang goes together with Agent Orange in my mind. ThE theme color of that era, late sixties, early seventies, seems to be Orange.

    Orange like the setting sun in the west.

    Freeze dried, powdery substances reconstituted with water. Ideal for transport.

    Tangy, is a strong taste, flavor or smell.
    Ex: "The clean salty tang of the sea."

  8. You can clean your dishwasher with Tang.

    1. No shit?!? No wonder it used to make me sick! DAMN!!

  9. In in the "shining" Mr room 237 director Apollo 11 hoax revelations 9:11 beast of the bottomless pit . tang on every shelf and the number 42 on every sports Jersey in the movie

  10. Agent orange =53 Apollo eleven = 53