Wednesday, January 4, 2017

33 39 | Sara Sidner goes inside the Reina club to reveal "the terror" (Sara Sidner is CNN's false flag reporter)

It's Sara Sidner, CNN's favorite false flag reporter.  Notice how she dressed to match the interior of the building, a shade of purple.  Purple = 88; Poison = 88; Program = 88

Sidner = 33; False Flag = 33; Torment = 33; Race War = 33 (Sidner's three specialties)
*Sara = 39 (39 reported dead on the 1/1/2017 shooting; 1+1+20+17 = 39)

Notice the video is 113-seconds.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

Who are they kidding with this contrived scene?

Reina = 47; France = 47; Foundation = 47; Framework = 47


  1. Ha! A Pile of shoes and 2 bullet holes! This just made my day what a joke!

  2. Shoes
    Something about that pile of shoes...wasn't that a Nazi thing? Where did I see that? Concentration camp photos? Hmmm

  3. Pictures from these kind of stories are like Rebus puzzles. Like they are inviting us to figure out the message.

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  5. what the fuck man a couple of those heels you can CLEARLY see the price sticker in full or the remnants of where it was ripped off in part. Also, those lame ass sandal pumps with the white overlay show literally NO wear whatsoever. No indention from being worn, no indication of the footbed having an actual foot in it.

    Fuck man, I bought a brand new paid of Rainbow sandals a short while ago in a very similar tan to the unused sandals I'm describing above. My flip flops showed signs of wear in line an hour - that's what sandals fucking do.

    But yeah, you'd be hard pressed to find a pair of those shoes that actually seem worn. From what I can see, there just taken from the sales rack at TJ Max and tossed in, sometimes with the price sticker intact and still crispy white on the BOTTOM of the sole. Morons.

  6. Full on laced up shoes were taken off and left? Other hard as fuck to take off ladies' shoes are there instead of in their owners' feet? Really??? C'mon man, this is a fucking joke.

  7. The night clubs name is 'Reina'. wich means QUEEN in Spanish. This has to be a riddle conected to the brithish Royalty. Cmon ,PRINCESS Leia died and then GEORGE Michael. and then this shooting at a Club named QUEEN!

  8. Replies
    1. I guess purple whales don't have legs.
      That creature blends in with the furniture in the first picture.

  9. @iivarii true

    Blend is the perfect term for B.S.

    Any time I see SS like the Nazi Police
    Or SS is short for SOS or like the SS Minnow

    Two SS are like 88 or fishing hooks or the double helix in DNA.

    1. Yes,
      and the original sign of infinity was S sideways.
      Euler used it.

      Later it became ∞.

    2. My initials are SS. Muhahahahahahaha!!!!


    Take a look at who the boat was named after.

    These fuckers mock everyone. Like all the idiots that think the Jewish Zionist are in charge

    Nazi (roman) order runs this realm !

    1. I go back and forth between Zion and Rome, but the Pope does wear the biggest hat, so I think he takes it.

    2. :)

      Hard to tell who's at the top of the pyramid.
      Lots of opinions, very little facts available.
      Unless you are there yourself - with your evil SS officer initials.

    3. Phallus on his head, disguised as a fish mouth but really the tip of a P.

      He's the biggest DICK head of the bunch.AGREED

  11. iivarii

    There is no ONE at the top that's the beauty of this program.
    Facts are a Learned condition in a linear world.
    The creator only has Admin's
    This realm is infinite and bidirectional.
    The purpose of a one world government or globalization is a result of the elite unifying for the purpose of Discovery. They have no fucking clue who or where the creator is located.
    This program is designed to rewrite its files.

    The reason we do not really know our beginning or our ending is all the PROOF you will ever need.

    Buy a new computer with no RAM Or operation system. It's blank box. If you add it great, if not
    It sits there. That's exactly how it works in this
    CPU. The creator/developer wrote the codes and walked away. It's an AI, keeps going.
    The cataclysm are a system crash and then it restarts.

    1. Interesting.

      Would you say magic and other such esoteric knowledge are bits and pieces that make THE CODE do something...
      Some sequences that make the program adjust, and as a result, we see something "magical" happening?
      Kinda like knowing how to SPELL (say) something that makes the program give a certain output.

      I've noticed us not knowing our beginning or end too.
      Reminds me of Inception: "You know you're in a dream if you can't remember how you got here".

    2. "Discover" means anti-cover, aka revealing.
      The word pretty much assumes that everything is already know, just covered up, now doesn't it?

      How do programs reproduce?
      Using their Disc Ovaries.

      Just a funny little thought.

    3. Yes Dis-cover is to figure out how to cover more B.S.
      Esoteric teachings, bible, magic, or any practice of worship is a default setting of the illusion.

      Like a record with an A side and B side.
      When either side is playing what happens to the information coded on the other side? Is rotating in a backward motion. This reality is a LOOP
      Nothing more. I like the Disc ovaries anology.

      Inception, great film. Just like in the Matrix, the ONE connected to this reality can only end it by UNplugging. Think how suicide is considered a Sin, but in the Asian culture it's considered honorable. The muslims are promised virgins and Allah in death. Recycled energy or a virgin rebirth.

      Keep searching for answers, I personally was on the same mission, and discovered the end of the maze, now headed back to the foundation.

      The KEY is to Love yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. We only have Viewer access, the Admin and creator made it that way. SUCKS but that's the Truth 😡

      Also not trying to discourage you or anyone who
      Is trying to take down the "French man" or Admin
      And crash this matrix.

      There's a great movie I watched about a man who discovers a super computer runs this world in a cave lol. It's a 70's movie. I will research the title and post it. You would definitely enjoy it.

  12. Anyone else catch the Homo erotic
    Behavior by the Clemson Tigers?

    Bama is known for inbreeding
    Clemson SC for crotch grabbing

  13. This years championship is about

    Masculine inbreeding cousins
    Grabbing each other's genital area.

    Trump was crotch grabbing as well.

    America is flat out embarrassing.

    1. There's a clear amplification of inbreeding/incest stuff.
      Game of Thrones, incest stuff.
      Porn sites, lot of step sibling / step mom / incest stuff.

      Any ideas why?

    2. Our reptilian brains (not sure if this shit is true)
      Is programmed to reproduce and survive.
      We can either have sex with the male or female
      We can either share food or eat one another.
      The MORAL part of these acts is a conditioned behavior.
      Think in terms of electricity. Gay sex is like to negative Poles(friction) or static energy. straight sex leads to reproductive
      Positive energy. Incest without the morality can also lead to positive reproduction but with damage cells. Too many partners will lead to corrosion around the terminal points.

      Again my answers are just an observation from someone who is not taking into account what the readers reaction will be but more from a case study aspect.

  14. Thanks Harry.
    Even if I only have a viewer access, I want to learn how to trick the SOURCE CODE into doing something insane.