Wednesday, January 4, 2017

42 | CNN doesn't know their weed weights.... 4,200 joints, up to two ounces??? Not computing...

There is something wrong with this article.  It says that with up to 2 ounces of weed, they are going to roll 4,200 joints.  You couldn't even roll 420 joints with 2 ounces of weed.  Did they mean 2 pounds?

Sheesh CNN, get your weed weights right!

Hemp = 42; 1/4/2017 = 1+4+20+17 = 42

42..... 420..... 4,200....

The Dupont Circle might be chosen specifically for the 2017 campaign.

59, the 17th prime number


  1. B.H.O and Legalization are Lies for Goy. Don't Buy it. Grow It.

  2. Replies
    1. Wow. You sound like a child.


    2. Mad1dog get your head and neck out of Zacks rear, you have shit for brains now.
      Clean up and get with the truth!
      Sorry you were mind fucked

    3. 1. I've pointed out to Zach several times where I felt he was wrong out of sincerity, so that clears up any notion that I have my head up his ass. And 2. You don't have an ounce of sincerity in you so your words mean ZIPPO kiddo.

    4. And for the record... You totally just tried to come to Mike Manning's rescue like Captain save a hoe. Talking some bullshit that had nothing to do with Zach.. Whos head is really up Zach's ass?

    5. It's the same piece of shit with different names. Gary the got

  3. First off, Trump is a business man, where's the money? A severely underestimated 3 to 4 billion dollar industry. I feel he may let the states do as they wish, afterall, that's the Republican't way, localized government, no big government, states rights overweigh the national rights, at least the public perception.

    That's why he's mum, he's not anti- anything. He's pro money. So wherever the money isn't or doesn't go, in defacto, becomes his enemy. Or that money void group, person, entity hates on Him.

    Hillary and D - Trump are about the same when it comes to money, that's where it ends, too. Trump is an independent monarch, that ran under the elephant ticket. It just shows how planned.

    Back to the weed. Remember that "toothpick' on Cheech and Chong's Next Movie or Up in Smoke? Even with that size, I would estimate..Ok
    2 ounces = almost 56 grams rounding down. Most would prefer about a half gram for a joint to share, like a glass bowl size. So that's about 112 J'z.

    Wait 112, Colts going to the Super Bowl?

    And keep one joint for your troubles. Now 111. Trump is talking about a big speech on January Eleventh, which he wrote out in a tweet. January 11, 111.

    Personal, saving your stash style, maybe 6 'pinners' a gram and waste, gets you to 322...ish.

    1. More trump decoding, everything you ever needed to decode is in Trump's tweets and twats...
      'January Eleventh' = 64
      'Trump' = 88
      8 × 8 = 64

      'January Eleventh' = 181
      181st Prime = 1087
      187 for all of you middle zero droppers.. 1 + 87 also = 88.

    2. Insane breakdown, well done.

      Press 112 on you key pad
      Then press 111
      Go back an fourth

      Let me know what sound it makes.

      It's all in the tone. Numbers converted to sound.

      Same with your heart beat.

      88=HH on a key stroke or Heaven & Hell

      Infinite realm