Monday, January 9, 2017

33 52 | A quick Gematria lesson for RedSilverJ, who went out of his way to dog Gematria, today, January 9, 2017

In the opening minute, TeamWakeEmUp (RedSilverJ) takes his first swipe at gematria, and then after the 3:30 mark, he takes another:

RedSilverJ, what's that you say?  Did you say Gematria is for the government agents?  Hmmm...

'Take Action Now' synchs perfectly with what this petition is targeting, the newly proposed 'open carry'.  Hold on though, I still got more to say RedSilverJ.

In his video, he says the agenda being pushed is because of the NWO, or New World Order.

NOW = 52

Even before these revelations, I documented that there was a lot of '52' coded into this event.

Remember, they said the fictional shooter was on AirCanada, but then AirCanada came out and said, "That is not true, actually."

Notice the woman's name, 'Goodman'.

Remember, the NRA is the nation's biggest gun lobby, and the second biggest is located right across the street from Sandy Hook Elementary.  Now ask yourself, why would a gun lobby, which makes revenues from gun sales, want to see guns outlawed and taken away, as RedSilverJ says is the reason for all of these government shooting hoaxes?  The answer is, they wouldn't.  The truth is, the gun shooting hoaxes boost gun and ammunition sales, which is the real agenda.

Also, here's a news story on the January 10, 2017 vote for SB 140, which is tomorrow.



  1. I remember watching an older post of yours related to him. You said he was your favorite shill. There was some story of an arrest but there was a picture of only one handcuff on a guy's hand. We'll see where he goes with this.

    1. That was exactly 1 year ago today, January 9, 2016.

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  2. "stand your ground" in the English Ordinal system equals 216

    Hey what happen to the Hadid thread? i don't see it

  3. 14/41 code again !

    Cromartie #41 injured last night. Was the hero the week before.

    You were fooled by SB41 Zack

    Not one person has figured that code out!

    SB33 ... Eugene Robinson #41 the "MAN of the year " awards winner missed the SB for a hooker incident the night before the game!

    Maxwell from Seattle Seahawks was an OUTCAST sent to the DOLPHINS #41
    Was taunted by #15 branden Marshall LAW

    Zack you suck at the NFL!

    Spend your time finding out what this 41/14

    Which could very well be the score tonight in the championship game!

    I am serious tonight!

    Rodgers and the packers have the 41! Too

    I also noticed Hester went from14 to 17 which is the 31/13 code

    Like the 13 in Fort Lauderdale and Odell #13
    Giants scored 13!

    All seriousness when I saw the 13/31 on Beckham in Miami it lead me to know the Giants were OUT!

    13/31 and 14/41 is way more sinister...

    HARRY being Setious for a moment.

    Keep your eyes open Folks 👀

    1. I thought the Giants were out before the game was played too. For anyone who wants to know the parallel between 33 and 41, go to number empire and it won't take long to see what it is.

  4. New year New Harry

    I think Dabo stays at 88.

    If I offended anyone , please my deepest apologies !!!

    Zack has learned his lesson.

    Carry on.

    Special I'm very sorry to MFSSY... I wasTotsly out of bounds with my comment!!
    I do not deserve your forgiveness, you just got in the way! I respect all women !!! And all genders.

    Once again, sorry to all.

    Sincerely HB106

    Cheers 🍻

    1. It would be nice if you were for real. I think for a troll, you actually make good posts from time to time lol. The others are straight up Gary Jewberg.

    2. Legion, I'm sincere.
      Enjoy you're night.

    3. So no more crazy talk, are your going to contribute like a good boy? I mean this NFL stuff is out of hand, because ppl lost money! They were to lazy to do their own work So they deserve it, the universe don't play favorites only entitled brats do.

  5. BILLY JOEL on COLBERT 1/9 playing "MIAMI 2017"

    Cryptic lyrics

    Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway) (Live Version)

    Seen the lights go out Broadway
    I saw the Empire State laid low
    And life went on beyond the Palisades
    They all bought Cadillacs
    And left there long ago

    They held a concert out in Brooklyn
    To watch the island bridges blow
    They turned our power down
    And drove us underground
    But we went right on with the show

    I've seen the lights go out on Broadway
    I saw the ruins at my feet
    You know we almost didn't notice it
    We'd seen it all the time on Forty second street

    They burned the churches down in Harlem
    Like in that Spanish civil war
    The flames were everywhere
    But no one really cared
    It always burned up there before

    I've seen the lights go out on Broadway
    I saw the mighty skyline fall
    The boats were waiting at the battery
    The union went on strike
    They never sailed at all

    They sent a carrier out from Norfolk
    And picked the Yankees up for free
    They said that Queens could stay
    And blew the Bronx away
    And sank Manhattan out at sea

    You know those lights were bright on Broadway
    That was so many years ago
    Before we all lived here in Florida
    Before the Mafia took over Mexico
    There are not many who remember
    They say a handful still survive
    To tell the world about
    The way the lights went out
    And keep the memory alive

    1. And Viggo MORTensen (Viking) was on CONAN (Viking). There was talk of hunting (artemis/diana), crows, RAVENS (Odin: Norse myth).

      I posted earlier how trump is Apollo and pence is Artemis. It's in the "morning headlines" post.

    2. Also,

      vikings = wildlings (beyond the huge ice wall)
      crows = guys protecting the huge ice wall

      Game of thrones links heavily into Norse mythology and is everywhere at the moment.

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