Monday, January 9, 2017

42 44 47 60 144 | Manhunt for Markeith Loyd after fatal shooting of officer 42-year-old Debora Clayton, January 9, 2017

Fuck these people.


Police shooting?

Markeith Loyd?  Like anyone has that fucking name.

This is all part of another, racist, sick joke.

Another relevant 60.... Conspiracy = 51/60/123

Notice the clip from CNN is 74 seconds in length, or 1:14.

Then these assholes say a black female officer was killed, age 42.  I bet.

The initials of the killer and the victim are similar in number terms.

ML (Markeith Loyd)
DC (Debora Clayton)

M = 13 = 4
L = 12 = 3

D = 4
C = 3

The detail about her being a 17-year veteran stands out as well.

Today's date also has familiar numerology for one of these shooting hoaxes.

1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47 (Authority = 47) (Agent = 47) (Beast = 47) (Time)

The location of the shooting also connects to 'officer'.

Also, today's date connects to 'time', as does the location, 'Orlando, Florida'.

There's also this.


  1. Can cops really just get as fat as they want? I mean, that dead cop probably died trying to roll out of bed. My goodness.

  2. Florida is big time with this shit. The last year and even into the new year... wtf

  3. its been 187 days since the pulse massacre
    "Pulse massacre" in the English Reduction system equals 44

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