Friday, January 13, 2017

96 159 | U.S. marines returning to Afghanistan's Helmand Province in Spring (Have you read 1984 yet?)

The book 1984 is about the nation always at war, but the people don't quite know why.

Hell-manned-Province?  Helmand Province = 159; New Testament = 159

*Helmand Province = 78/96/159

Marine = 33; Turner = 33; Robert = 33


  1. Returning soldiers are DISCHARGED.

  2. Main article: Charge (heraldry)

    A charge is any object or figure placed on a heraldic shield or on any other object of an armorial composition.
    Any object found in nature or technology may appear as a heraldic charge in armory. Charges can be animals, objects, or geometric shapes. Apart from the ordinaries, the most frequent charges are the cross – with its hundreds of variations – and the lion and eagle.