Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tar Sands | Opposite Yin-Yang | Out of Harmony, Intentional Global Assassination Conspiracy | Georgia Guidestones

Tar Sands is the crude oil mined in Canada and shipped across North America in pipelines, out to the Gulf of Mexico, for export.  The phrase 'Tar Sands' also has curious numerology, that makes perfect sense when you take a moment to think about it.  Before we look at the numerology, understand the following about 'Tar Sands oil'.
  • Tar = 20+1+18 = 39
  • Sand = 19+1+14+4 = 38
  • Tar Sand = 39+38 = 77
  • Tar Sand+s = Tar Sands = 77+19 = 96, the opposite of 69
The number 69 represents the balance of nature, the Yin-Yang as it is often referred to.  The number 96, represents the out of balance, and being out of synch with nature.  Think about being out of synch with nature in terms of mining something extremely polluting from the earth, then shipping it across the nation in pipelines made from the stones carved out of hills and mountains, where it is intensely refined, further polluting the earth... all for the end purpose of being delivered to vehicles and plants where the oil will be needed to further power and further pollute.  In all seriousness, what could be more out of balance?

Why this is alarming is because the powers that be are making up these names and words and coded numbers, and incorporating them in their evil deeds; such as The BP Gulf Oil Spill, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and the mining of oil and precious gems and metals from the earth at a high cost to the planet and all things living on this planet which the Illuminati clearly has no respect for.


Connect these thoughts with what is printed on the Georgia Guidestones.

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