Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arizona | The Monolith on Mars & Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin has something to say about the "Monolith on Mars".
In an earlier post, I pondered if Buzz Aldrin is a false identity for a person playing a false role in a false space program.  After watching the video at the end of this post, I think you'll believe me just a little more.  Also, please read the following.

If you're not familiar with a monolith, it is much like the Washington Monument, or the "tall white thing with a pyramid at the top" in Washington D.C.; that is precisely 555 feet and 5 inches tall.  Keep that number in mind, you'll see why in a moment.

University of Arizona Professor, and chief scientific investigator on the matter of the 'Monolith on Mars', is Alfred McEwen.  When he is asked about the 'Monolith on Mars', which he is investigating, he explains it with a degree of skepticism.  You can read his response here, courtesy of the DailyMail.
  • Alfred = 1+3+6+9+5+4 = 28
  • McEwen = 4+3+5+5+5+5 = 27
  • Alfred McEwen = 28+27 = 55
  • Notice the coded 5555 inside the name McEwen and the sum of 55
  • Was he picked for this stunt because of his last name?
  • Maybe he knows it and regrets it.
  • Also, I haven't seen that many fives in a row since Kennedy.
  • Kennedy = 2+5+5+5+5+4+7 = 33
When Buzz Aldrin, the man who supposedly walked on the moon, was asked about Mars and the Monolith on its surface, he had this to say.
'There's a monolith there - a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours.
'When people find out about that they are going to say, "Who put that there? Who put that there?" Well the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there.'
With regards to Arizona, it has special numerology that factors in as well.
  • Arizona = 1+9+9+8+6+5+1 = 39
  • Freedom = 6+9+5+5+4+6+4 = 39
  • Pagan = 16+1+7+1+14 = 39
  • Wicca = 23+9+3+3+1 = 39
  • 39 signers on the Declaration of Independence
  • 39 floors at the United Nations in New York
  • New = 5+5+5 = 15
  • York = 7+6+9+2 = 24
  • New York = 15+24 = 39
Arizona is the 48th State, and was established February 14, 1912
  • 2/14 = 2+1+4 = 7
  • 1912 = 1+9+1+2 = 13, reduces to 4
  • 7 and 4
In other words, don't trust anything coming out of Arizona.  It is the breeding ground for all things bad, from Sheriff Joe to 'space news'; that is as likely false as the other hoaxes cast upon us on a regular basis by the mainstream media.  Monoliths on Mars... I know who is into monoliths.

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