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11 11 | Imagine John Lennon In Numbers | The Tupac Connection

John Lennon was 'The Beatle'.  He was a famous 'rock' musician.
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
  • Lennon = 12+5+14+14+15+14 = 74
  • John Lennon = 47 74
  • John Lennon = 47+74 = 121
  • 11 x 11 = 121
  • 47 and 74 both reduce to 11 in numerology
  • The Beatle = 2+8+5+2+5+1+2+3+5 = 33
With regards to 'rock' music.
  • Rock = 18+15+3+11 = 47
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
John Lennon was born October 9, 1940, and died December 8, 1980.  He was born John Winston Lennon and died with the name John Winston Ono Lennon.
  • Winston = 23+9+14+19+20+15+14 = 114
  • JFK was assassinated from 411 Elm St.
  • 44 is associated with assassination
  • 11x4 = 44
  • Ono = 15+14+15 = 44
Please read the following excerpt from Wikipedia about John Lennon's childhood, and loss of parents, something that is common in 'Illuminati raised children', if you will.
Lennon was born in war-time England, on 9 October 1940 at Liverpool Maternity Hospital to Julia (née Stanley) and Alfred Lennon, a merchant seaman of Irish descent, who was away at the time of his son's birth.[1] His parents named him John Winston Lennon after his paternal grandfather, John "Jack" Lennon, and then-Prime Minister Winston Churchill.[2] His father was often away from home but sent regular pay cheques to 9 Newcastle Road, Liverpool, where Lennon lived with his mother,[3] but the cheques stopped when he went absent without leave in February 1944.[4][5] When he eventually came home six months later, he offered to look after the family, but Julia—by then pregnant with another man's child—rejected the idea.[6] After her sister, Mimi Smith, twice complained to Liverpool's Social Services, Julia handed the care of Lennon over to her. In July 1946 Lennon's father visited Smith and took his son to Blackpool, secretly intending to emigrate to New Zealand with him.[7] Julia followed them—with her partner at the time, 'Bobby' Dykins—and after a heated argument his father forced the five-year-old to choose between them. Lennon twice chose his father, but as his mother walked away, he began to cry and followed her.[8] It would be 20 years before he had contact with his father again.[9]
Throughout the rest of his childhood and adolescence he lived with his aunt and uncle, Mimi and George Smith, who had no children of their own, at Mendips, 251 Menlove Avenue, Woolton.[10] His aunt purchased volumes of short stories for him, and his uncle, a dairyman at his family's farm, bought him a mouth organ and engaged him in solving crossword puzzles.[11] Julia visited Mendips on a regular basis, and when John was 11 years old he often visited her at 1 Blomfield Road, Liverpool, where she played him Elvis Presley records, taught him the banjo, and showed him how to play "Ain't That a Shame" by Fats Domino.[12]
From Presidents such as Bill Clinton, to musicians such as John Lennon, it is a common theme of these 'Illuminati Puppets' to have lost a parent or both parents at a young age, much like 'Batman', another '33 word'.
  • Clinton = 3+3+9+5+2+6+5 = 33
  •  Batman = 2+1+20+4+1+5 = 33
Making matters even more interesting, is that he was taken to the town of Blackpool to be raised.
  • Blackpool = 2+3+1+3+2+7+6+6+3 = 33
Do you think he learned how to sing and write songs in Blackpool?

On December 8, 2013, the 33-year anniversary of John Lennon's murder; the statue of Linen was torn down in Kiev, giving way to what later occurred in Ukraine and Crimea.  December 8 is also the anniversary of the dissolving of the USSR.  You can read my post on this topic from December 8, 2013, right here.

See, the Illuminati runs this world, and they have for a long time.  The first album by The Beatles released on March 22, 1963, titled Please Please Me.
  • Please = 16+12+5+1+19+5 = 58
  • Please = 16+12+5+1+19+5 = 58
  • Me = 13+5 = 18
  • Please Please me 58+58+18 = 134
And Pythagorean Method.
  • Please = 7+3+5+1+1=5 = 22
  • Please = 7+3+5+1+1=5 = 22
  • Me = 13+5 = 18
  • Please Please Me = 22+22+18 = 62, reduces to 8
  • Inverse of God
  • God = 7+15+4 = 26
John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman, at least so the story goes.  From Wikipedia, let us breakdown what happened on the night of his assassination.
As Lennon and Ono walked to a limousine, shared with the RKO Radio crew, they were approached by several people seeking autographs. Among them was Mark David Chapman.[7] It was common for fans to wait outside the Dakota to meet Lennon and ask for his autograph.[8] Chapman, a 25-year-old security guard from Honolulu, Hawaii, had previously travelled to New York to murder Lennon in October (before the release of Double Fantasy), but had changed his mind and returned home.[9] Chapman silently handed Lennon a copy of Double Fantasy, and Lennon obliged with an autograph.[7] After signing the album, Lennon asked, "Is this all you want?" Chapman smiled and nodded in agreement. Photographer and Lennon fan Paul Goresh took a photo of the encounter.[10] Chapman had been waiting for Lennon outside the Dakota since mid-morning, and had even approached the Lennons' five-year-old son, Sean, who was with the family nanny, Helen Seaman, when they returned home in the afternoon. According to Chapman, he briefly touched the boy's hand.[11]
The Lennons spent several hours at the Record Plant studio before returning to the Dakota, at approximately 10:50 pm.[12] Lennon had decided against dining out so he could be home in time to say goodnight to his son, before going on to the Stage Deli restaurant with Ono.[12] Lennon liked to oblige any fans who had been waiting for long periods of time to meet him with autographs or pictures, once saying during an interview with BBC Radio's Andy Peebles on 6 December 1980:[13] "People come and ask for autographs, or say 'Hi', but they don't bug you."[2] The Lennons exited their limousine on 72nd Street instead of driving into the more secure courtyard of the Dakota.[14]
Chapman later said he was incensed by Lennon's "more popular than Jesus" remark, calling it blasphemy,[15][16] and the songs "God", and "Imagine",[16] because of the incongruity between the lyric "Imagine no possessions" and Lennon's personal wealth.[17] Chapman even sang the song with the altered lyric: "Imagine John Lennon is dead."[18] 
 *Notice use of the word blasphemy
Let us begin with Mark David Champman
  • Mark = 4+1+9+11 = 34, reduces to 7
  • David = 4+1+4+9+4 = 22
  • Chapman = 3+8+1+7+4+1+5 = 29, reduces to 11
So, he has master numerology of 11 and 22, and a first and last name of 7 11 respectively. With regards to Tupac Shakur, on his fifth and final album because of his death, the fifth song has a 33 second interlude, talking about Bible Prophecy. The name of the song is 'Blasphemy'; the same word Mark David Chapman used to describe John Lennon saying he was more popular than Jesus. Of course the last Tupac album has a lot in common with Jesus a well. Check it out.

Tupac Shakur used the artist name 'Makaveli' for what would become his last album, or at least someone used it for him.  Check out the name Makaveli in numerology, and how it compares with Jesus and Cross.
  • Makaveli = 13+1+11+1+22+5+12+9 = 74
  • Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74
  • Cross = 3+18+15+19+19 = 74
  • Occult = 15+3+3+21+12+20 = 74
Listen to the fifth track Blasphemy below, and pay careful attention to the 33 second interlude at the beginning.  Tupac Shakur was setup for death.  Read more about that here, from an earlier blog post with much information on the subject.  Please help share this information as it deserves being exposed.
33 Second Interlude
[This Week in Bible Prophecy] God has a plan -- and the bible unfolds that wonderful plan
through the message of prophecy
God sent Jesus into this world to be our saviour
And that Christ is returning, someday soon
to unfold the wonderful plan of eternity, for my life and your life
As long as we're cooperating with God
by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour
And as the Lord does return in the coming seven days
We'll see you next time here on This Week in Bible Prophecy.

Saviour with a 'u' = 33
  • Saviour = 1+1+4+9+6+3+9 = 33

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