Friday, March 21, 2014

CNN Malaysian Plane Hoax Update | Plane Found at 1:19?

If you look at the time stamps for articles posted by CNN and other mainstream media outlets, you'll often see interesting time coincidences.  Look at the example below from yesterday's reporting of the missing plane debris possibly being found.  You'll notice the posting time is 1:19, or the number 911 reversed.  This is all part of the psychological hoax, that is as much an attack on your subconscious as your conscious.  Personally, I'm intrigued to see what revelation about the missing plane will be brought forth on 3/22, the infamous date associated with Skull and Bones, and other elite secret societies.  March 22 will also be the 34 year anniversary of the placing of the Georgia Guidestones, which have a first rule of, "Maintain the earth's population at 500 million."

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