Sunday, March 16, 2014

33 Watch | Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norewegian Air

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Bjorn Kjos is CEO of Norwegian Air, the third largest low-cost European air travel company.  Norway is one of eight countries in the world with thirty-three numerology, and Bjorn Kjos is also a man of thirty-three numerology.
  • Bjorn = 2+1+6+9+5 = 23
  • Kjos = 2+1+6+1 = 10
  • Bjorn + Kjos = 23+10 = 33
    • Norway = 5+6+9+5+1+7 = 33
At this time, Bjorn Kjos is trying to revolutionize flight across the Atlanatic by brining the cost of transportation down to record lows.  Let us see if this 'man of the thirty-three' can reduce U.S.-European flight travel costs in the same way airlines such as Southwestern have done so in the past.  Bjorn Kjos plans to accomplish the reduction in cost by cramming people like sardines into Boeing 787s.

Please feel free to read this article by the Seattle Times on Bjorn Kjos and his Norwegian Air plans.

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