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33 Watch | Tupac Shakur & Notorious B.I.G.

Tupac Shakur, more popularly referred to as 2pac, is one of the most well known hip-hop artists of all time.  There is something coded within both the names of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., as well as Hip-Hop, that are quite revealing.  Let us examine.
  • Tupac = 2+3+7+1+3 = 16
  • Shakur = 1+8+1+11+3+9 = 33
  • Tupac Shakur = 16+33 = 49
Tupac Shakur, the king of hip-hop?
  • Hip = 8+9+16 = 33
  • Hop = 8+15+16 = 39
In the time of 2pac, his greatest rival, as hyped by the mainstream media, was Notorious B.I.G., or also known as Biggie Smalls.  He is the man who once said he would 'blow up like the world trade'.
  • Biggie = 2+9+7+7+9+5 = 39
  • Smalls = 1+4+1+3+3+1 = 13
  • Notorious = 5+6+2+6+9+9+6+3+1 = 47, reduces to 11
  • B.I.G = 2+9+7 = 18, reduces to 9
  • Notorious B.I.G. = 11 9
When you look back at 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. with all the knowledge we have now, it isn't that surprising that they were owned by the '33'.  Look at Notorious B.I.G.'s song Juicy knowing what you know now about his name breaking down to 11 9.
Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade
Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
The album the hit song Juicy was featured on was titled 'Ready to Die'.  His second album was titled Life After Death.  And no I'm not saying he planned 9/11; I'm saying he was used, his lyrics were probably written for him or encouraged, just as they are for musicians today and just as they were for musicians before him.  These seeds were planted everywhere from mainstream television, to Hollywood movies, to popular music, to comic books.

With regards to 2pac, it wasn't any better for him.  On his best selling record All Eyez On Me, he is whispering about what songs to listen to when he is gone at the end of tracks.  Even better, on the album released after his death, Don Killuminati, the fifth track is titled 'Blasphemy'.  The opening features a 33 second interlude that begins as the song 'To Live and Die in LA' concludes.  The 33 second interlude says the following in a slowed down, deep, demonic voice.
[This Week in Bible Prophecy] God has a plan -- and the bible unfolds that wonderful plan
through the message of prophecy
God sent Jesus into this world to be our saviour
And that Christ is returning, someday soon
to unfold the wonderful plan of eternity, for my life and your life
As long as we're cooperating with God
by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour
And as the Lord does return in the coming seven days
We'll see you next time here on This Week in Bible Prophecy
At the 33 second mark, the music roles.  Now check this out, with regards to the spelling of savior as saviour, with a 'u', it comes from the King James Bible.  The King James Bible is the version that uses the word Christ exactly 555 times, and God 33 times in Genesis.  The word 'saviour' with a 'u', also has 33 numerology.
  • Saviour = 1+1+4+9+6+3+9 = 33 
In some Christian circles, it is debated which is the right way to spell it.  Here's my advice, whoever wants you to spell it with a 'u', and give it the '33' numerology... I'd be cautious of that person.

Tupac Shakur died September 13, 1996
  • 9/13/1996 = 9+1+3+1+9+9+6 = 38, reduces to 11
  • Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38; Rapper = 9+1+7+7+5+9 = 38
Notorious B.I.G. died March 9, 1997
  • 3/9/1997 = 3+9+1+9+9+7 = 38, reduces to 11 (Biggie = 39)
  • Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38
That is a span of 177 days, or 25 weeks.  Both men also died at the age of 25.  Coincidence? 
  • Makaveli = 13+1+11+1+22+5+12+9 = 74
  • Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74
  • Cross = 3+18+15+19+19 = 74
Tupac Shakur is famously quoted saying that he doesn't believe in the Illuminati, and that he thinks it only discredits the truth movement.  With that in mind, let us close by looking at the numerology of the word 'Illuminati'.
  • Illuminati = 9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9 = 48, reduces to 12, reduces to 3
    • The number 93 represents the religion of Thelema
    • '93 WTC Bombing
    • Flight 93 on 9/11/2001
    • WTC existed 33 years, 1968-2001
    • 49th Governor, Nelson Rockefeller approved WTC Project

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