Saturday, March 22, 2014

CNN Reporting on the Malaysian Hoax | Numerological Programming & Eights Years of Ringing In My Ear

NEW = 5+5+5 = 15, Washington Monument = 555 feet tall
Last night I watched the movie Pi for the first time, the 1998 movie about the mathematical equation Pi and a person who discovers a "numerological phenomenon" in the course of a mathematical study, in part thanks to someone who introduces him to the Torah and numbers within.  What made the movie stranger, and more personal for me, is that the main character Maximillian had ringing of the ears.  For me personally, my ear has been ringing since February of 2006, now more than eight years ago.  Honestly, as much as it annoys, it has probably been good for me because it showed me we're not invincible, at a young age, and I shouldn't trust everything that is out there.  I suspect my tinnitus is a product of wearing earbud headphones often and too loud.  The doctor says that shouldn't be the reason, but I don't know what else would... unless this movie is a clue.

Back to Pi for a moment, in the movie the first number he says out loud is 322; from there the movie gets more and more interesting in terms of numerology.  Even the character names are nearly all multiples of eleven when summed.  I will do it in another post.  Just with these thoughts in mind, I want you to look at these news headlines from CNN and think about what you have learned from this blog with regards to the word "NEW" and 555.

This headline features two uses of the word NEW, which means the number 555 has been put in front of your eyes two times.  555 feet tall is the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.; the giant white obelisk with the pyramid like shape point.  The War Department, The Pentagon, is a five sided building, five floors tall, with a five acre court.  It stands 77-feet tall, on the 77th Meridian West, known as the American Meridian.  More recently, the Iraq War began on March 20, 2003, 555-days exactly after September 11, 2001.  This compares well in history with Jimmy Carter's 444-day Iranian hostage crisis, that ended on Ronald Reagan's first day in office, the previous 33rd Governor of California and Hollywood movie star.

The headline is NEW IMAGES, NEW LEADS (What grade level is that written for?)
  • NEW = 5+5+5 = 15, reduces to 6
  • IMAGES = 9+4+1+7+5+1 = 27, reduces to 9
    • NEW IMAGES = 6 9
    • NEW IMAGES = 6+9 = 15,  reduces to 6
  • NEW = 5+5+5 = 15, reduces to 6
  • LEADS = 3+5+1+4+1 = 14, reduces to 5
    • NEW LEADS = 6+5 = 11
  • NEW IMAGES = 6, NEW LEADS = 11
  • 6 x 11 = 66; a significant sequence of numbers, that correlates with the 13 colonies, first highway built across the nation, Hawaii, LeBron James and much more.
There is also the phrasing of the words 'next step' in the smaller headline below New Leads, New Images.  The phrase 'next step' also has 33 numerology.
  • Next = 5+5+6+2 = 18
  • Step = 1+2+5+7 = 15
  • Next Step = 18+15 = 33
    • Interestingly enough, I was once a part of a project called "Next Step Together"
  • Together = 2+6+7+5+2+8+5+9 = 44
    • Next Step Together = 33+44 = 77
Anyway, point is be aware of why these headlines are written.  Understanding the numbers behind the words is what is crucial.  These words and numbers are an important aspect of psychological hoax.  The world is ran by mad men, and we're the mice on the wheel.  They're seeing how much of just what we can take, even with this fracking they're doing all over the nation.  They see they got us by the _________________, whatever you want to phrase it.  That's why it is better to be an outcast, or oukast, however you want to spell it.  Listen and learn, wisdom can come from anyplace.

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