Sunday, March 23, 2014

CNN Malaysian Hoax | 'Possible Lead' | CNN Reporting | Decoding the Headlines

Today CNN is reporting the headline a 'Possible Lead'.  The only thing that is important about this article is the hyphenated phrase of words 'Possible Lead', let us decode the hidden 9-1-1 within this word phrasing.  Let us also recall that the other day the "debris being plane" reporting began at 1:19 in the afternoon.
The wooden pallet is the 'possible lead'
  • Wooden = 23+15+15+4+5+14 = 76, reduces to 13, reduces to 4
  • Pallet = 16+1+12+12+5+20 = 66
  • Pallet = 7+1+3+3+5+2 = 21, reduces to 3
In a world with oceans polluted with debris-fields the size of states and nations, how great of a clue is a wooden pallet, especially when we're talking about the ocean, a space traveled by boats with wooden pallets by more occurrences than can be comprehended?

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