Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paul Weeks Numerology | Missing Passenger from Malaysian Airlines Plane Hoax

Lincoln 3, and Jack 11 months, the sons left behind by Paul Weeks
CNN has a feature video, the wife of Paul Weeks, Danica weeks, reminiscing about her missing husband, a passenger from the Malaysian missing plane hoax.
  • Paul = 7+1+3+3 = 14, reduce to 5
  • Weeks = 5+5+5+2+1 = 18, reduces to 9
    • Paul Weeks = 14+18 = 32, one short of the illuminated 33
  • Danica = 4+1+5+9+3+1 = 23
  • Paul and Danica = 32:23
    • See the symmetry?  Love at first number.
It has been reported that Paul Weeks has left behind two children, 11 months and 3 years of age; Jack and Lincoln.  As I have been stating in months of blogging, in many of these false flag attacks, it is important that certain numbers be reported, or part of the story.  Chiefly among those numbers are 33, 555 and 311 or 113.  In the case of Sandy Hook, all victims were shot between three and eleven times; the 33 night tribute for September 11, began on March 11.  The Boston Marathon bombing took place at 2:49PM, or 11 'til 3... The Madrid Train Bombing took place on 3/11/2004.  The London Train Bombing of 7/7 had three trains and one bus explode; the third train was #311.  More recently, the Fukushima disaster took place on 3/11/11...  In this story, Paul Weeks has left behind two sons; one 11 months of age, and the other 3-years.  To read the article about Danica and Paul Weeks, please click here.

Open your eyes and you will realize what is really happening, even under blue skies.
I like the detail about how he referred to his son "Lincoln" as his "Little Shadow".
  • Little = 3+9+2+2+3+5 = 24, reduces to 6
  • Shadow = 1+8+1+4+6+5 = 25, reduces to 7
  • Little Shadow = 24+25 = 49, reduces to 13, reduces to 4.

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  1. "Jack" Kennedy? Abraham "Lincoln"?

    Checkout the black&awhile and red&black color schemes...oh, and don't forget "Green Eggs & Ham" in the background.

    Man, this is getting weird.



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