Sunday, November 23, 2014

114 44 | The Newtown Shooting Reports

Today it is reported that a 114 page report was released by the State of Connecticut on Adam Lanza, detailing a list of missed opportunities.  What is most curious about this story, is the length of the report, 114 pages.  This is a number that has much to do with assassination.  On 11/22/61, it was 411 Elm St. where a bullet is said to have been shot from that killed President JFK.

Further, it was earlier this year that a 44 page report was released on the actual events of the school shooting.  I covered that story on this blog.  It was released in November of 2013, about a year earlier.

It should be noted that throughout this blog, I have explained how numbers 44, 114 and 411 are all interchangeable in the sense that they have to do with death, murder and assassination.

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