Monday, November 24, 2014

48 96 | Strawberry Fields Forever, Recorded 11/24/66

Below in red is a copy and paste from a YouTube subscriber to my channel.  I love to see you truth seekers applying this knowledge, it is so rewarding and awesome!  =)  Also, because this post is about the band The Beatles, I want to point out that they released their first studio album on the curious date of 3/22....

The following in bold is from YouTube viewer Joey Hartman.

Recording for Strawberry Fields Forever began on 24 November 1966; 48 years ago.

Strawberry Fields 10+2+9+1+5+2+5+9+9+7+6+9+5+3+4+10 = 96.
For those who don't know: 31+32+33=96. Knowledge = 96. Satanism = 96. New Ageism = 96.
(48 is half of 96)

The period of the song's writing was one of change and dislocation for Lennon. The Beatles had just retired from touring after one of the most difficult periods of their career, including the "more popular than Jesus" controversy.
More popular than Jesus = 96.
Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74.
John = 47. Lennon = 74.

Released in February 1967 as a double A-side single with Paul McCartney's "Penny Lane". 1(96)7. Penny = 74.
The Strawberry Fields memorial in New York City's Central Park is named after the song. Central Park = 47.
The Strawberry Fields 2+8+5+10+2+9+1+5+2+5+9+9+7+6+9+5+3+4+10 = 111.

Strawberry Fields Forever was inspired by Lennon's memories of playing in the garden of "Strawberry Field", a Salvation Army children's home near where he lived, in Woolton. Woolton = 33.

Strawberry 1+2+9+1+5+2+5+9+9+7 = 50. Salvation 1+1+3+22+1+2+9+6+5 = 50.

Let me take you down, cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see -
Misunderstanding 4+9+1+3+5+4+5+9+1+2+1+5+4+9+5+7 = 74.
Pyschedelic = 55 and 64. Beatles = 64, just like the song 'When I'm Sixty-Four'.
And speaking of Judas, that name = 55. Hey Jude 8+5+7+1+3+4+5 = 33.
Hey Judas 8+5+25+10+21+4+1+10 = 84 ;)

Hippy = 74. Egg-man = 47.

The Beatles are loaded with the usual numbers.

I also want to point out that "John Lennon" was raised in Blackpool.
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47 
  • Lennon = 12+5+14+14+15+14 = 74 
  • Blackpool = 3+2+1+3+2+7+6+6+3 = 33 
About a year back, I had my mom listening to what I had discovered about the numbers. She was sort of digging it until I told her about John Lennon... then she suddenly thought it must all be a coincidence...

In other words, my mom is someone who can see the truth of 9/11, but don't dare say a word about her John Lennon.... or Elvis Presley.... =)


  1. Talking about your numbers discoveries, I had a friend's full attention til I mentioned NFL football is all scripted. It was bad, I thought he might punch me. That football stuff might alienate sports fans, but if you can predict the outcome of sporting events using numbers... that would be a 'game changer.'

  2. Lewis, my favorite audience is the football fan right now. They really are a tough crowd, especially up here in "Twelfth Man Territory". That said, they can be cracked. You just have to have some really good examples. I have quite a few so I can break through. Even still, a lot will just go, "That's all coincidence". Don't forget though... these people are WRONG, so don't let their rudeness intimidate you. Keep up the good fight brother.


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