Sunday, November 30, 2014

33 114 119 | Why Pimp C Was Murdered At Age 33

It is said that Pimp C died from his addiction to 'Purple Drank', which he rapped about in many songs, especially the hip-hop hit 'Sippin on Some Syrup'.  Pimp C died at the age of 33, a curious age, and probably because of the numerology pertaining to the date of his birth, which unfortunately for him, has much to do with assassination.
  • Pimp C was born 12/29/73
    • 12/29/73 = 12+29+73 = 114
  • Sippin = 10+9+7+7+9+5 = 47
  • On = 6+5 = 11
  • Some = 10+6+4+5 = 25
  • Syrup = 10+7+9+3+7 = 36
    • Sippin on Some Syrup = 47+11+25+36 = 119
    • Star of David = 119 (Zionists control mainstream hip-hop)
    • All Seeing Eye = 119
The color 'purple' also has much to do with 'poison'.
  • Purple = 16+21+18+16+12+5 = 88
  • Poison = 16+15+9+19+15+14 = 88
Also, the word program...
  • Program = 16+18+15+7+18+1+13 = 88
This song programmed many to drink 'Purple Drank', a mixture of codeine and alcohol...

Pimp C was the co-member of hip-hop group UGK, with Bun B as his partner.
  • Hip = 8+9+16 = 33
  • Hop = 8+15+16 = 39
  • UGK = 21+7+11 = 39
  • Bun B = 2+21+14+2 = 39
  • Pimp C = 16+9+13+16+3 = 67
    • Only Bun B survives UGK


  1. In a recent post you mentioned marijuana and its medicinal benefits which I don't disagree with but it has a gematria of 88 also. The nickname Mary Jane has a gematria of 33 with the reduced method. I used to smoke a lot (not for the medicinal benefits), pretty much every day, but I gave it up years ago and I'm glad I did. Honestly I don't even like it that much anymore. Smoking it that is, the smell is great. haha. That's just me though, to each their own.

    1. Marijuana = 13+1+18+9+10+21+1+14+1 = 88
      I had to see it with my own eyes....
      Very interesting.
      Marijuana = 4+1+9+9+1+3+1+5+1 = 34

    2. Interesting point yall but I believe marijuana was always meant to be a negative label for Cannabis. I wonder what cannabis gematria is, ill have to check

  2. Haha I quit for a year and a half and and have to say it was the best year and a half of my life .... a looming court case and a mentally unwell incarcerated brother however ontop of adopting my niece all added to my current relapse ... lol I am in the process of cutting it out again tho and my actuall opinion on pot ? The only naturally growing PAIN RELIEF known to man .... Give a couple of drags to a human who has never smoked with a tooth ache ... abuse this stuff just like any other drug and bam u end up like my brother ... god bless

    1. Well said. Funny you should say tooth ache because I have a bad one at the moment. hmm. lol. yea, found out the other day I need a root canal. Anyway, keep your head up Liam. wish you all the best with your situation.

    2. It's got real medicinal applications but it's obvious the game the powers that be are playing when they demonized it with intentionally over the top propaganda in the old days then had all this "counterculture" fighting the "oppression" for decades pushing it as cool in movies,TV, music, etc. to having all these Dr. Sanjay Guptas & "Grandma Smokes Pot For The First Time" videos, acting like it's the miracle plant...I was always embarrassed by all the people around me who acted like weed made you smarter...are you kidding me? It can feel very good but Never made me think fact I was well on my way to smoking myself retarded like Snoop just earlier this year but I finally got away from it to focus on more important things. Stoners get uptight if you so much as mention that weed ain't all sunshine & roses...being stoned helps make a lot of people much more susceptible to cultural programming & MK. Case in point: the assinine nature of "weed culture". I'd be lying if I said it's never fun though.
      DR is 49 & Dr=13.
      Dr. Sanjay Gupta=49 which reduces to 13.
      Medicinal Cannabis=133.
      Medical Marijuana=135.
      Sanjay Gupta=135.
      Sanjay reduces to 7.
      "Legalize It" reduces to 7.
      They train folks to treat it like the savior...

  3. Something interesting about the number 8 is that it's the same whether you write it backwards or upside down. The only other numbers like that are 1 and 0.

    And when you tip 8 over on it's side you get an infinity symbol. A one becomes a minus symbol. And a zero looks like an eye when you tip it sideways.

    5's become 2's upside down and vice versa.
    Same with 6's and 9's
    3 is interesting because it can become an E, M, or a W

    Playing around with 7 I noticed that you can make it into a swastika when you mirror it up down and sideways.

    4 is weird though, it seems to resist morphing into anything else, except maybe a lower case h or possibly a flag, depending on whether or not you make the top an enclosed triangle or not.

    Maybe that's why it's a foundation number? Because it's not as mutable as the other numbers?

  4. Also, it occurs to me while playing around with these numbers that 2 can also look like N or Z or even an S when flipped depending on how you write it.

    So for the four directions you could have 3 stand for East and West and 2 for North and South. Maybe that's why 23 is a big deal number?

    223 could be directions like North, South and either East or West depending on other clues maybe? I dunno, I'm still trying to understand this whole Gematria thing. I'm getting that it's important but why?

    I've always been intimidated by math. I'm more the artsy-fartsy type. Thanks for making your videos and this blog, you explain things in a way that I can understand it better.

  5. So hip-hop tastemaker/A$AP Mob mastermind A$AP Yams just died, very possibly yesterday, 1.17.15, which sums to 33. It is speculated he died of this very thing, but the news ain't giving much details yet. He died at age 26, & on his 26th birthday he said RIP to Pimp C, & denounced his lean habit, but his last tweet was yesterday (33) saying only "Bodeine Brazy" (Codeine Crazy- CC/33) I definitely got some calculations on him, you should check it out.

  6. Bun b and j prince had pimpc killed an that's the truth and only truth

  7. Bun b and j prince had pimpc killed an that's the truth and only truth


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