Saturday, November 22, 2014

33 144 | First Day of Sagittarius

Today is November 22, the First Day of Sagittarius and the 51-year anniversary of the JFK assassination.  On AMC this past week, they have been showing a very graphic commercial which captures the image of JFK being shot to death.  What is extra curious about this commercial is that the number "113" is put on the screen at the top center just before the bullet hits the President's head and a mist of blood appears in the viewing image.   I have been attempting to record this commercial but have not done so yet.  If I do, I will be sure to upload it on the video blog.
  • 11/22 is first day of Sagittarius 
  • 11+22 = 33
  • Sagittarius = 19+1+7+9+20+20+1+18+9+21+19 = 144
    • Mark of the Beast = 144
    • Corporation = 144
    • Scientology = 144

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