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33 113 | St. Andrew's Day and the Google Doodle Tribute

Number 4472...
First of all, let us call attention to the fact that St. Andrew's Day is Celebrated on November 30, or 11/30, with the emphasis on 113 in the date...  In Scotland, this is also a national banking holiday.  In Google's Tribute to the holiday, they are paying homage to the Flying Scotsman, designed by Nigel Gresley.
  • Nigel = 5+9+7+5+3 = 29
  • Gresley = 7+9+5+1+3+5+7 = 37
  • Nigel Gresley = 29+37 = 66
    • Nigel = 14+9+7+5+12 = 47
Notice the numbers 66 and 47 from the decoded words above.  As you well know from being a reader of this blog, those numbers are often paired with "33".  In this case, Saint Andrew is from the Sea of Galilee.
  • Saint Andrew = 1+1+9+5+2+1+5+4+9+5+5 = 47
  • Galilee = 7+1+3+9+3+5+5 = 33
Notice that the legend holds Saint Andrew was crucified on a cross, along with his brother Saint Peter, after becoming a disciple of Jesus.  Also recall that Jesus was crucified at the age of 33.
  • Jesus = 74
  • Cross = 74
  • Christian = 47
The Bible is also of 66-Books.  Now look at the numbers above; all familiar; all biblical; all coded.


  1. I will be keeping my rye on these doodles zak .... great work

    1. Look for my past posts on Google Doodles, I have done a number of them . Google gives away a lot, so does Wikipedia! Start paying attention to image dates for Wikipedia and elsewhere. You will see why I call this world many of us are living in, the freemason creation.

    2. Also, thank you very much for the kinds words, and you're welcome. =)

    3. im gladi can help even if it is as an extra pair of eyes lol

  2. Yes very Biblical. Reading this with the X Scottish flag & the mention of king Malcolm III, (who died 11.13.1093) got me thinking on Malcolm X & his place in preprogramming us for Obama & his assassination soon. Also relating to my theory that the movie Last King of Scotland is programming for Obama's place designated by the Scottish Rite Masons. Scottish connections: obviously X is a numeral like I, II & III, creating association with Malcolm X to Malcolms I, II & III. Malcolm X=93…like Malcolm III died in 1093. X was nicknamed "Detroit Red" because his Scottish blood gave him red hair.
    Red=27. Reduced, Detroit Red=55.
    This will go far off topic from this specific post but if you bear til the end I think you'll be very interested. I checked & sure enough you got a great post on Malcolm X including the 44 connection. The picture you used is perfect to illustrate the visual similarity between X & O: that grin. We ain't had a whole lot of presidents go around showing all their teeth off (only other possible exception:Jimmy Carter) but Obama uses it as part of his 'charm'. Revelation 13:2 mentions the first beast having the mouth of a lion. I know it's not a literal description, but prophetic signs come all over, & baring the teeth as Barack does just adds to the signs. He also showed a clip from The Lion King as his "official birth video" where the witchdoctor holds up baby Simba & all creatures bow. Malcolm said some things about people like this, first a quote about contemporary assassinee MLK:
    "He got the peace prize, we got the problem....If I'm following a general, and he's leading me into a battle, and the enemy tends to give him rewards, or awards, I get suspicious of him. Especially if he gets a peace award before the war is over."
    Next about political schemes:
    "The time when white people can come in our community and get us to vote for them so that they can be our political leaders and tell us what to do and what not to do is long gone. By the same token, the time when that same white man, knowing that your eyes are too far open, can send another negro into the community and get you and me to support him so he can use him to lead us astray [off course] – those days are long gone too."
    Consider these quotes in relation to Barack Obama's peace prize & involvement in bamboozling the public, sad reminders that any good sense Malcolm had was ignored by the masses as usual... Now on to the numbers...

    1. Malcolm X's mother was
      Louise Little=51, the number of conspiracy. Malcolm Little=48. Like the lower 48, & Obama's birthday the 4th of August. Interesting that Little=24, & X is the 24th letter.
      Malcolm=69, which represents the black/white/yin/yang duality of secret society philosophy that Obama is such a huge symbol of. (You should ask me about his mindblowing connections to pandas!) Malcolm was killed (or 44'd...or X'd...) on 2.21.65, a date that sums to 7, the god number, like Lincoln reduces to 7. The man they put away for the murder: Thomas Hagen=44. He spent 44 years in LINCOLN Correctionsl Facility, being released when he was 69, like Malcolm=69.
      Hagen's release was 4.27.10, a date that sums to 14, double god numbers, & there's still a window as of this post that the year '14 may be the death of Obama, who is the new LINCOLN, as shown in a video on the White House YouTube channel called "Spielberg's OBAMA" starring the real Spielberg & Obama as themselves.
      Spielberg's OBAMA=144.
      In the video, Obama (as Daniel Day Lewis playing Barack Obama) looks into a mirror & says "Hello Ohio! Hello Ohio! I love you back!" The phrase Hello Ohio is a coded 666 as:
      Hello Ohio=99, which reduces to 18, which is 6+6+6.
      Reduced, "I love you back"=51. Code for conspiracy. In the short video he squeezes in a joke about prosthetic ears.
      "Prosthetic ears" reduces to 14. It also rhymes with "prophetic year", which may prove to be just a coincidence...
      Reduced, Daniel=27. Daniel Day=39, like Malcolm X died at age 39.
      The initials DD=44.
      Lewis=68, which reduces to 14.

    2. On the subject of prophetic things, this name Daniel Day is a deeper code than numbers:
      most American bible readers feel left out cause they think America isn't mentioned in prophecy. But if they weren't so arrogant (Ameri-gant?) & ignorant they'd see it's called Babylon. The ancient land of Uruk (now called Iraq) was a big part of the ancient Babylonian land. Mebbe it's a joke on how dumb Americans are that their country is called "Um...Uruk...Uh..."
      United States of America=84.
      Babylonian Mysteries=84.
      The Babylonian Mysteries are the beliefs & practices spread by secret societies & magical cults to all corners of the globe for thousands of years, culminating here & now. The phrase from Revelation 14:8(think about THOSE numbers) :
      "Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen"=311.
      America is included as Babylon from the book of Revelation to the books of Isaiah, Habakkuk, Daniel, & beyond. The prophet Daniel wrote about both ancient & modern Babylon. The difference between ancient & modern being 33°… as:
      & reduction method: Modern=33.

    3. The last king of ancient Babylon was Cyrus=86, modern(33) military(44) slang(53) for tossing something out, getting rid of something/someone. 86 reduces to 14. Coincidence?
      Cyrus the Great is recorded in the book of Daniel. He lived & reigned in Daniel's Day. That's the code in the actor's name. We are living in Daniel's Day. That's why the intern of Gabrielle Giffords was named Daniel. Her staged "miraculous recovery" from a wound to the head was a symbolic preprogramming message about the beast in the bible who recieves a fatal headwound & is healed.
      Gabrielle=44. Giffords=48. Ordinal method: Giffords=84. You know Obama's the 44th president born on 8/4 ringing in Orwell's 1984 on the lower 48.
      Gabrielle Giffords=155.
      Babylon the Great=155.
      It's also why the actor for Harry Potter is named Daniel.
      Barack Hussein Obama=64.
      Harry Potter=164.
      & now Daniel Radcliffe is playing Satan-spawn in the movie:
      It's also why the Comedy Central(CC/33) show "Tosh.0" hosted by:
      Daniel Tosh=44 is pronounced "Tosh-Point-Oh" because it's been prepping people for Obama. Tosh points to O. Daniel points to O. On his show he gave publicity to an artist who paints nothing but Barack Obama, always naked, always with a unicorn. Unicorn is a symbol of the old order dying off & ringing in the new order. It's also symbolic of the Little Horn on the head of the beast in Daniel's prophecy.
      Little Horn=133, & reduces to the god #7.
      (I could write a whole article on symbols in that show alone) on Tosh.0, he takes "the naked wizard" on a "Web Redemption" journey through the land of OZ, & the man behind the curtain is James Van Der Beek, who then refers to himself as an enigma & calls himself "the Beek" saying "you never know where I'll show up."
      Naked Wizard=53. Obama's age.
      Web Redemption=149, & reduces to 14.

    4. When they pull back the curtain to reveal the hoax of OZ, Van Der Beek says "The Beek's an enigma man, you never know where I'll show up."
      Well, the 'Beek showed up in a music video from Kesha called Blow (sample lyrics:"drink the Kool-Aid follow my lead, now you're one of us, you're coming with me. It's time to lose your mind & let the crazy out. Tonight we're taking over, no one's getting out. This place about to blow.")
      In that video, they're at a high society snob club where it's just Kesha, the Beek (the man behind the curtain), & a crowd of unicorns in suits. Before the music starts Kesha's telling a "funny random story" to the unicorns where she tells a bear to apologize to the president. When she says the word president, the camera is focused on the unicorns. Then she looks at the camera & says "Dance." Kesha & Been spend the 2nd half of the video shooting unicorns. Obama will be shot.
      Dance=27(999) or reduced, 18(666)
      "This place about to blow"=77.
      Unicorn=94. The president's name=64.
      UNICRON=94. Unicron is the destroyer of worlds in Transformers. His motto:"That which does not become part of the one shall become one with the void."
      Apocalypse=113. Michael Jackson's last output, made just before they killed him in 2009, Obama's first year in office, was called
      'THIS IS IT'=113.
      He was killed with Propofol.
      Kesha's others hits include
      Die Young=46. Obama's name=64.
      "Make the most of the night like we're gonna die young"=481, reduces to 13.
      Timber=67, reduces to 13.
      "It's going down, I'm yelling timber"=149, reduces to 14.
      "It's going down"=66.
      "You better dance, you better move"=119.
      "You better dance"=59, reduces to 14.
      "You better move"=186. Remember Cyrus=86. With that retarded spelling, her song:
      Tik Tok=86. Reduces to 14.
      "Tik tok on the clock DJ blow my speakers up"=139, reduces to 13.
      "Tik Tok on the clock"=66.
      "blow my speakers up"=68. Reduces to 14.
      ..a theme seems threading through these of imminent destruction, & 14's abound...timber, it's going down, we're gonna die young, tik tok, this place about to blow...

    5. It goes on & on. It's why the bible-type motion picture "The Book of Daniel" came out in this last year with WATERMELON-SMASHING "COMEDIAN" GALLAGHER as one of the false wisemen. Cause:
      & we're living in bible times. We're in Daniel's Day. We're in the book of Daniel. If you read this far, bless you for not dismissing it as nonsense. I think you could use this information in future posts. I got waaay more, but I'll just end with a few more correlations on this modern Babylon & what looks to be the Last King of Scotland:
      What would Obama have to do with Playboy magazine & kids' TV?
      Hugh Hefner=64.
      Barack Hussein Obama=64.
      Because of mind kontrol like
      Playboy=33 (ordinal method:96.
      sexy duality.) the most mentioned breast size in pop culture is 2D, called double-D.
      2 D's is 44.
      Cartoon Network=66.
      Their logo has always been a Masonic checkerboard of black/white/yin/yang/6/9 duality. They made their name showing 2-D cartoons. 44. They had the show Ed, Edd, & Eddy, where everybody calls Edd "Double-D" 44. They had the show Dexter's Laboratory, where Dexter's sister always comes to throw a monkey wrench into things. Her name is Dee-Dee. 44. & she's obsessed with unicorns. A picture of Sasha Obama sitting next to her dad wearing a pink unicorn sweater made news (staged news) because they said the picture caused the brand new sweater design to be sold out in mere hours. She also wears tops covered in pandas, shown in the Huffington Post headline "Sasha Obama is 13. ALL THE REASONS SHE'LL BE THE MOST STYLISH TEEN EVER." She's age 13 as of this year, 2014, 13th anniversary of 9/11/2001, a date that sums to 14. I know this by accident after looking her up for the connection I made between her & Sacha Baron Cohen, who made the movie The Dictator. & speaking of dictators…
      Saddam Hussein had 2 D's back-to-back in his name. 44. He was president of Iraq. He had a wall built with an inscription every few bricks "Behold, I am king Nebuchadnezzar & I have rebuilt Babylon."
      Barack Hussein is president of USA #44. He came to the White House from Chicago, which during his term has come to be known as "Chiraq" due to the violence & desolation of the area, that's what the kids are calling it these days. (Listen to some rap music or ask a young black Chicagoan if it doesn't ring a bell)
      Saddam Hussein from Iraq, located in ancient Babylon.
      Barack Hussein from Chiraq, located in modern Babylon.
      & just a few more phrases that equal 44:
      fallen angel=44.
      the messiah=44.
      chosen one=44.
      Kung Fun Panda=44.
      fake savior=44.

      Peace to you, I wouldn't know jack-shit about the numbers if it wasn't for what you do.

    6. I forgot to mention these relevant facts: Gabrielle Giffords' initials are 77.
      Her intern Daniel Hernandez's name
      Hernandez=95, which reduces to 14. All these 14s even if not all about 2014 are still about foreshadowing the indwelling of Satan himself who will rise up as the false messiah. Cheesy mebbe. But this earth is not long for this earth, & the end which these secret societies & 13 bloodlines are a means to is at hand. I can't say for certain that Barack will rise again, but it's clear he's the world leader beast, I'm not clear on the prophecies whether this figure rises again or if that's merely symbolic, but remember,
      Hologram=44. & in this 44th presidential term we been seeing these other christ impersonator assassinations turned into holograms that the people marvel at. Tupac who hung on a cross & said he'd come back, ODB aka Big Baby Jesus who said he'd come back, Michael Jackson (a huge duality symbol as well) comes back performing Slave To The Rhythm...the people pay money to watch Nobody marvel at the tricks of the puppetmasters being revealed to them as mindnumbing tools of entertainment. Definitely something to think about.
      I said the comedian's name
      Gallagher=44, forgot to point out
      as does the 44th president's name. Gallagher's whole schtick for decades has been about how America needs a new American way of thinking.
      He's in The Book of Daniel as a false wiseman, hmmm. The fact that we're living in Daniel is evident to me, but the population at large unfortunately switches the a & e around so they wind up living in Denial. That's the last smartass thing I'll say. Once again, peace & blessings be multiplied to you Zach, & all your readers.

  3. He spent 44 years in LINCOLN Correctionsl Facility,. . . . i gota say at this point here i literally laughed out loud ... wtf!

  4. "(CNN) -- Thomas Hagan, the only man who admitted his role in the 1965 assassination of iconic black leader Malcolm X, was paroled Tuesday.
    Hagan was freed a day earlier than planned because his paperwork was processed more quickly than anticipated, according to the New York State Department of Correctional Services.
    Hagan, 69, walked out of the minimum-security Lincoln Correctional Facility at 11 a.m. The facility is located at the intersection of West 110th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard."

    1. He was pRrolled Tuesday Wtf ... maybe a signal of the end of this ritual and the start of another ??? Obama ??

    2. No, that Tuesday is from many moons past. Sorry for the confusion. I was quoting a dated article from the time of his release.


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