Thursday, November 13, 2014

42 | Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw Win MLB MVP

Mike Trout has becomes the youngest player named AL MVP in MLB history.  He also has special name Gematria, pairing him with the likes of LeBron James and Muhammad Ali.
  • Mike Trout = 4+9+2+5+2+9+6+3+2 = 42
  • LeBron James = 3+5+2+9+6+5+1+1+4+5+1 = 42
  • Muhammad Ali = 4+3+8+1+4+4+1+4+1+3+9 = 42
It should be noted that '42' is the meaning of life number.  The acronym TV also sums to 42.
  • TV = 20+22 = 42
Most people in the United States who know Mike Trout, LeBron James, or Muhammad Ali, know them through the TV.

In the NL, CK, Clayton Kershaw, or 311 as I like to call him (C = 3; K =11), won the NL MVP.  He became the first pitcher in a half century to win the award.  In a little known stat, ESPN showed more footage of Clayton Kershaw this past season than they did the rest of the MLB combined.

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