Friday, November 14, 2014

What's it take to get some YouTube likes?

I see all the shills got 10,000 likes...  maybe that is part of the hoax too.


  1. I think it is quite evident that Google manipulates who gets visibility not only in search, but also with youtube search, views, likes, and what not. Satan gets to control all popular mediums for acquiring information. Once uncontrolled opposition becomes popular enough you will see your views go down, likes disappear and visibility decline through search. Then they delete your channel if you become too much of a threat.

  2. I have actually been watching my most viewed video, on the Ice Bucket Challenge, countdown this week. I also notice that my profile has 8 times as many views as my total video views count... something that seems impossible. I did not have 800,000 profile views before I made this video blog, August 13, 93-days ago, today.

    1. I believe the ultimate goal of google+/youtube is to gatekeep. I am very leery of the view count, as well as the like/dislike counts. I'm more than a bit suspicious on the data irregularity. Does not pass the sniff test.

    2. I believe you are correct about how this is used to gatekeep. Also, they herd the masses into specific content which does seem to promote an agenda. They have the ability to release "what is hot" type content and I often wonder if it is only hot because they say it is. So people are funneled into reading posts that they normally would never see. The topics are often of the brain dead type I don't care for.

  3. Yea, that is weird. 800k profile views? That seems impossible based on your video view counts which is about 100k views for all videos combined, 1330 subscribers and 155 total videos.

    I was into SEO for some time and studied these things quite a bit. What I started to realize was that every six months or so it seemed like the "Search algorithm" as many call it was increasingly less rewarding for the small guys. Content doesn't really matter, it is a variety of other factors in search.

    But what you are saying is that you think they are mucking with your numbers because logically they don't seem to make sense. My bet is they have that ability and selectively use it on a small number of people.

  4. it won’t easily grab the attention for many people as it will be in a massive amount of pages of competition and probably on page ten in Youtube which is hardly ever going to get any sort of attention. slow youtube views


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