Monday, March 30, 2015

33 113 | The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Victims, Completely Laughable

As you look at the images from the mainstream media below, recall that the Boston Marathon Bombing took place at 2:49 in the afternoon, or 11 til 3.  This number set is closely associated with '33'.  Now let us examine the victims...
  • Lu?  Lu = 12+21 = 33
  • Krystle Campbell or KC or 11 3...
It is a joke truth seeker, these people are mad with their coding.  In all seriousness, who the fuck spells Crystal as 'Krystle'?  Not even the dipshits in 'Boston Strong' t-shirts, that's who.

This whole thing is 'laughable'.
  • Laughable = 3+1+3+7+8+1+2+3+5 = 33

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