Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A YouTube Channel Comment Worth Reading, Start to Finish +Germanwings Connection

Ra R're-er 3 hours agoN'ice work hear here!  The Jure-knee d'own the Rabbi-toll Liz knot UN-like de character Andy Dufresne (doo/due 4 rain/reign) in Shawshank Redemption, who crawled through 500 yards of sewage tube to the English channel of watter 2 fined free-dumb (du-ring a reign storm) and his statement to Red about how U can create a Person if UNO h'owe the system works!  All the prisoners sit around talking fondly of Andy after his escape about how special he was, too stupid to figure out that he had run OFF with all the mon-eye that the other prisoners had earned buy their labor, while he played the role of the victim throughout the hole ordeal!  And, in the end, the viewer seize Andy AZ the hero of the moo-V!  As a loan originator, t'heir wood bee much moneye 2B maiden buy creating loans for 500 hundred yards (with house on them) and the profits 2 won is losses 2 the other butt de ewe cannot go after the Bang-cur in the Courts bee cause the Bank and the Court are won in the shame!
Eye halve Big Ben shredding de Alp-Ha-bet 4/4 sum time n'owe witches Y this/shit is music tomb eye ears 2 sea sum won else doo-wing sum goo'd work ON this/shit/hits the fans butt the poo'r lost amen ah souls shit in the bleat-chairs oar pews if U Will, bleating 4 the man with the hard wood 2B a swinger and launch de balls deep into the f'an base bee cause th@ is wear the assets ARe.
If few doo the Gematria ON de word "shit" it is 56/11, then "assets" is 83/11, so the 2 words are won in the shame butt the shit gets much deeper the farther one plunges in-2 the Rab'bit hole, AZ FOREX AM pole, it seams 2B th@ all the Professional Sports are allegory 4 gay sex.  Doo knot get mi wong, couSIN eye dig the sporting Eve'nts, butt the truth sea-cur doG is all weighs sniffin a round the shit piles and sPeKing of turds, the foo't-ball is a turd witch has 2B pooshed deep into the oather manz tear-it-tore-eye 2's core at'ouch d'own butt 4 religious confirmation, go back to l'ass cheers throwback mount-ain US gayme beat-wein the Ben Gay Packers and the Cleveland Browns 2 sea witch tea-m got t'heir assets kiked and just like in Shawshank Redemption, the 3 sisters wanted "shit on my dick or blood on my knife" and Aarons Rod via his arm-y led the attack butt F U doo knot bee leave me, ass-k yores elf Y the quarterback be Putin his hands "up under center" to receive the turd/foo-TB-all!
N'owe, how does de boo-k (ghost story) of Revelation reel-8 TWO de gayme of Football?  It's all about a 6 inch Dick, witches Y de DOLLAR Bills in yore wallet are 6 inches long.  You sea the average dick used 2B 6 inches, butt noah daze it bee semen from recent stud-y that they are like 5.14, witch OFF course is doo 2 the chemicals and synthetic hormones, witches all buy de-sign of the times.  Sow, de big deal in Revelation is the numb-burr of the Beast yes?  Six hundred and three score and six (sum say 666) sow if won were 2 take the 6 inch Dick (dollar Bill/William) it wood take 600 of them to go from goal line to goal line (100 yards), then it wood take three score (3X20) or 60 dicks/dollars to cover the distance kneaded (knee dead ball) foray first down (10 yards) and it wood take 6 dicks/dix/dollars to cover the distance of one yard, witches 3 feet, sew t'heir won can stitch it all 2-get-her 4 the 600 and 60 and 6 oar 666 enco-dead in-2 Football!
N'owe SIN sea is called the "quarterback" and a quart is 32 ounces, it is plausible 2 ass-ume th@ 2B a quarterback in the NFL, re-choirs amen 2 attain 32nd degree status within the brotherhood of brotherly love.
Back 2 religion!  There are 44 letters in the first verse of Genesis (1:1) and those 44 letters are divided in-2 segments of 33 and 11 buy a comma (ca ma)!  Drag Queen Elisabeth ruled for 44 years, the priesthood of the 33rd degree was behind hymn and 11 and 33 have many meanings and reasons, one of witch is the fact th@ Christmas day is "day one" and "day eleven" (January 4) is the day when the Earth is nearest to the Sun in hour egg shaped orbit and there are 33 eleven day cycles leading to the Winter Solstice on 22 December when the Sun neither rises higher nor falls lower in the sky for 3 days and on the mourning of Christ'm-ass, the upward journey begins anew and the northern hemisphere sell-ebb-rates the good tidings of the Prophets and Law says!
In de moo-V "Roadhouse" Frank Tillman says "I've cum-in-2 a little bit O' money!"  witches knot the same as halving "2-in-cums" sow the IRS is about the "in-cum tax" butt if U "cum-in-2 money" eye suspect that t'heir is no tax!  Just like an ATTORNEY (AT-TORN-EYE, witches the anus REAM-MEMBER?) does knot work for ewe, he/she/it (he shit) works 4 the BAR ASS-O'-SEA-ACE-PSY-ON, butt is also lie-sensed to work as a Lawyer.  A Lawyer signs your contract and works for ewe, an ATTORNEY gets you to sign his contract and ewe work for hymn!  Same with the POLICE man, who wears 2 hats, Peace Officer and POLICY OFFICER. (POLE ICY OFF ICE HEIR)
sPeKing of the word "man", it is mirrored to re-veal "nam" and "n=14" and "ad=14" sew "man = Adam" witches just won of the endless BIBLE gaymes played on the'm'asses, butt all sow the word "man" mirrored is "nam(e)" witches touche' a "Name" is a reflection of a "man" and is a dead thing, butt in this/shit system the dead rule the living!  SUM HEAR MAY REAMEMBER THAT MAN-Y NAM'ES WERE DRAFTED 2-GO-2 VIET "NAM"!  If ewe believe ewe are the name, THEY got ewe buy the shore tan Curly's, and Curly was always the fav-o-Rite of the 3 STOOGES (3 stew gis-m) who were always fucking shit up yes?  If sum bee thin-King eye yam crude oil yore self couSIN it's a slippery slope an' this/shit wuzz hear w'hen eye arrived butt sum won had 2 Crow like de Rooster sow hear rye yam!  An' doo knot get me star-Ted on The-o-dore eminemin-8-ing frum de chic-Ken on the Barbie doll wit de bro-Ken leg!
Ever tri this/shit/hits the fans of sports religion cypher?  The BIBLE Cypher!  God=26=the 26 Latin characters!  The Lu-cypher (Lucifer) came down from heaven (down the Alps) from ROME and "it" is the Written Language (lang-wedge) witch divides us all (a soul) (a Sol) witch trans-forms (filled out) us in-2 a "Solomon" and once the AlphanumeRick co-deck of 52 has skull phuctus in the Temple, it is hard 2 over-cum the aft-term math!  The 3rd boo-k of de New Testiclement is de Lu-key, butt won of m'eye flav-o-Rites is the revelation @ the beginning wit de 1st 2 bouquets of flours 4 baKing bred 4 buns knot 2 in the ovem in the BIBLE combined GENESI-SEX-ODUS!  N'owe th@'s goo'd clean phun!
1 2  3  4 5 6  7 6  5  4  3 2 1
A B C D E F G H I   J  K L M
Lots of work on this cypher by:  https://www.youtube.com/user/martyleeds33 Piece bee up on U Andyore little sl'ice of Caesars Pisces pie seize!  Did you Eve'r call yore Mom Mother Hubbard?  Had 2 ask!  Bee back 2 check con cash it from time-2-time B4 writs tool-8 sow beyond yore toes 4 blest growth of G'reign crops!


  1. Loved it. Just goes to show how we are born into deception and duality.

  2. Loved it. Just goes to show how we are born into deception and duality.

  3. Amazing post, or at least I was stupid enough to think it was amazing. Based on your recommendation I have been following CluesForum, and now I have no clue what to think about your research because they say it is psuedo-science:

    "We don't want too many esoteric connections and obscure things like symbols and numbers, such as gematria or numerology or other pseudo-sciences.....



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