Thursday, March 26, 2015

45 81 | 'Deliberate' Headlines and the Germanwings Plane Crash

CNN's home page is like I have never seen it before for this breaking news.
  • Deliberate = 4+5+3+9+2+5+9+1+2+5 = 45
  • Deliberate = 4+5+12+9+2+5+18+1+20+5 = 81
    • 45 and 81 have '9' numerology
The mainstream media is saying the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane while the pilot was locked out of cockpit.  So far, there is no motive.  The media is also showing an image of him sitting by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

What is apparent to me is that this is another distraction, perhaps for the purpose of overshadowing the news of "troop withdrawal from Afghanistan" being delayed.


  1. Any time they "solve" a complex criminal case such as this in a matter of just hours or days, you know they are lying.

    Note how >90% of "shootings" in the US since 2012 happen between 8:00am & 11:00am and are solved in time for the evening news. This is statistically, procedurally, and literally impossible.

  2. Yes, and all of these stories are full of over the top drama, such as captains getting locked out of cockpits and not being able to get back in because the co-pilot has gone mad. I can't wait for the made for TV movie about this event.


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