Monday, March 30, 2015

89 | Today I'm a Billion Seconds Old

I was born July 21, 1983, the day the world's lowest temperature was recorded, at least in the time of such measurements (dating back to 1912).  The temperature that day, -89.2 C has much to do with my name, which I don't know why my parents gave me- they don't either.
  • Zachary = 8+1+3+8+1+9+7 = 37
  • Keefe = 2+5+5+6+5 = 23
  • Hubbard = 8+3+2+2+1+9+4 = 29
  • Zachary Keefe Hubbard = 89
  • -89.2 the day I was born
It seems fitting that the day I turn 1-billion seconds old, is the 89th day of the year.  I even have to laugh at being 31-years old, 8 months and 9 days.


  1. Uncanny,,,,,but the numbers are right on! I'm going to do the same calculation ...but I already know I'm way ahead of ya Zach seconds that is! Will turn 67 in!

  2. There is only one explanation. You are Illuminati!!!


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