Monday, March 23, 2015

44 | The Ted Cruz, Barack Hussein Obama Comparisons

The 44th President and the 44-year old Ted Cruz, definitely taking similar approaches to the Presidency.  That said, I haven't heard as much hype about any 'Ted Cruz books' as I once did for Barack Hussein Obama.  Let us take notice that this story comes out of "Lynchburg", Virginia.
  • Lynchburg = 3+7+5+3+8+2+3+9+7 = 47 (President = 47)
  • Virginia = 4+9+9+7+9+5+9+1 = 53
  • Lynchburg, Virginia = 100, or 118 with (V Exception)


  1. The similarities are many.

    Both used their time in the Senate as a soap box.
    Both used a buIIsh!t family story to cover their real ties.
    Both say all the right things but have zero intention to do any of it.
    Both are funded by nearly the same institutional sources.
    Both lie as easy as we all breathe air.

  2. Ted Cruz, age 44, announces a bid for president on Twitter and at a 44 year old University. He used classic 44 words: 'hope' and 'support.'

  3. Great points S and Lewis I am dying that the university is 44 years old. Great find!


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