Sunday, March 29, 2015

52 152 | The Brandywine Airport Crash and the Germanwings Flight Connections

Recall Andreas Lubitz is the pilot of the plane that crashed in the Alps.  After that incident, I pointed out the connection to Pennsylvania and June 1.  Also recall that the Germanwings Flight departed at 10:01 and crashed at 10:53, a span of 52-minutes.  This crash, reported today, happened at 'Bradywine' Airport.
  • Brandywine = 2+9+1+5+4+7+5+9+5+5 = 52
Also notice the address of the Airport, 1205, much like how Andreas Lubitz sums to 1052 in Jewish Gematria.  Something is very strange...


  1. Now CNN reports that Andreas Lubitz was "suicidal in the past". Yeah, I bet.

    Suicidal: 1+3+9+3+9+4+1+3 = 33

    When will they make the motion picture adaptation of this fake news? I even explained all this to my 68 year old mother and she sees it as a hoax as well. Numbers just don't lie.

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