Thursday, March 26, 2015

44 | "Gas Leaks" Leveling Buildings in New York, Again

Last Spring New York had these exact same type of headlines...

Notice how in the opening they have a video 1 minutes and 11 seconds in length, 1:11.
  • New = 42
  • York = 69
  • New York = 111
This must be New York's new tactic for clearing away old structures when they have 'new real estate plans'.

Take note that today's date has a numerology of '44'.
  • 3/26/15 = 3+26+15 = 44
  • 3/26/2015 = 3+2+6+2+0+1+5 = 19


  1. "Expanding incident FDNY Manhattan Box 436 66-44-0436 4th Alarm collapse and Maydays."

    Not sure what those numbers are, part of an address perhaps? Curious.

  2. I'm a New Yorker and this is really freaking me out. I was able to catch the fire as it unfolded on Eyewitness News just in time. The moment they put a female witness named Alexandria on live television... I knew automatically something was off. Please note that no last name was ever mentioned. Did they show her face? Of course not.

    Alexandria: 1+3+5+6+1+5+4+9+9+1 = 44
    3+26+15 = 44

    According to Mayor DeBlasio, four buildings were affected because of the fire. The building numbers are 119 (hmmm), 121, 123, and 125.

    119+121+123+125 = 488

    In Jewish gematria the word "Truth" and the phrase "Mark of the Beast" both sum to 488.

    Psychological warefare is being waged on us all. It's not even remotely funny anymore. Thanks again for the observations.

  3. Great, great work Elliot. Thank you for this crucial information.


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