Sunday, March 29, 2015

44 76 | Tom Izzo to the 76th Final Four (I Spy)

Thank you ESPN for this image of Tom Izzo cutting down the net, celebrating his birth into the 76th 'Final Four'.  I took this picture off of my television, I apologize for the blur.
  • Izzo = 9+26+26+15 = 76
  • 76th Final Four
  • Michigan State won with 76 Points Today
Notice the very deliberate '44' in the background.

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  1. So much good stuff to read on your blog today!

    I Believe the date 3/29/2015 gets you a gematria of 67 - mirror of 76. Also on this day with 67 gematria Kris Bryant was sent to the minors - he's the hottest prospect in MLB & wears the #76!


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