Thursday, March 2, 2017

41 58 131 | Oakland and Golden State (Reverse Gematria) +Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton, Huey P. Newton & the Black Panther Party

Just another coincidence.

Here's one more.

Huey P. Newton established the Black Panther Party in Oakland in 1966.  That was the season of the first Super Bowl.

Remember when Cam Newton became the 58th QB to start in a Super Bowl, hosted by the Bay Area, near Oakland?  Cam Newton, the black man, with a black panther on his helmet.... the 58th QB to start in a Super Bowl...

Super Bowl = 41/50/131

Cam played in Super Bowl 50, hosted by San Francisco.

Fifty = 66
BPP established in '66

I really can't believe this.  What do you think?