Sunday, July 9, 2017

38 43 102 112 | Eddie Murphy in Mr. Church and the death of his brother Charlie Murphy, April 12, 2017

In the film Mr. Church, Eddie Murphy, Mr. Church, takes care of a girl named Charlotte, who is called Charlie mostly throughout the movie.  Notice Charlotte sums to 102, like the day of the year the Civil War began in Charleston, and also the date his brother Charlie died on, April 12.

Slavery = 102; Nigger = 102; United States of America = 102
Charlie = 38; Death = 38
Charlie = 43; Civil War = 43; Charleston = 43

In the film, Eddie Murphy's character dies from cancer, just as Charlie Murphy died from cancer.

The film is no doubt a nod to history's past, with a black person taking care of the white family.

As for the January 12 release date, Mr. Church is sometimes referred to as "The Cook", which Charlotte does not appreciate, because she knows he is much more than that.

Theater = 112; Zionist = 112; Judaism = 112