Monday, July 24, 2017

42 73 98 205 | Derrick Rose joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, July 24, 2017 is a riddle with Stephen Curry and the Warriors

National Basketball Association = 98
Derrick Martell Rose = 98
Chosen One = 98
Chosen = 98

Right away, I have (need to reupload) that older video on Derrick Rose and 98.  It's on this blog I think... I hope...

Derrick Rose and 98:
Derrick Rose to Knicks by the numbers:

Derrick Rose will turn 29 in 72-days, or a span of 73.  Number = 73; Perfect = 73

Remember the Warriors eclipsing the Bulls, taking the record from 72 wins in a season to 73?

Think about the relationship between Golden State, the Cavs, and Chicago, as I documented all last season.  Rose has history with the Bulls, and more recently the Knicks, who LeBron has history with.

Stephen Curry = 73
Curry born on the 73rd day of the year
Pi Day is the 73rd day (Number = 73)

Rose was born October 4, 1988.

10/4/1988 = 10+4+19+88 = 121 (Warriors) (Revelation)

This move also comes 159-days before LeBron's 33rd birthday, or a span of 160.

Further, it comes 195-days after Kyrie Irving's birthday, March 23, 1992.  LeBron has the birthday of Tiger Woods, December 30, in the year 1984.

This move also comes on the 205th day of the year.   All Seeing Eye = 205

More importantly, LeBron Raymone James = 205.

Further connecting to LeBron James, this move comes 42-days after the end of the NBA Finals, June 12, 2017.   LeBron James = 42; NBA Finals = 33/42