Monday, November 18, 2019

41 202 322 | Andy Reid picks up 202nd win on MNF, Chiefs 24-17

Andy Reid picked up his 202nd win on the 322nd day of the year.  322, Skull and Bones.

Notice the 41 points scored.

Home teams are now 6-6 on MNF, to conclude Week 11.  66, 11th tri. numbe


  1. Got a present for you Hubbard: found out tonight that even Daily Dose of Gematria is calling you out on your BS.

    1. Truth community needs to take Zach down. Everyone flag him

    2. Just the community in general needs to take him down. He is nothing but a parsite, leeching off gambling addicts. Typical virtue signaler. Does the opposite of what comes out of their mouth.
      Screw you Hubbard. I think you may have began this journey with good intentions but you are definitely a scumbag now.
      If I lived in your country I'd like to come and deal with you myself.

  2. There's no other blog like this. At least I haven't found it. There's no visible truth community

  3. This guy is completely un-original. Steals techniques, picks, connections, and passes them off as if he came up with it.

  4. Anonymous😛your just jealous of the Truth.

    1. Truth and Troll... the 2 most overused and overrated words around here.

  5. Derek Tikkuri , the guy that posts blogs on the gematrinator site seems to have some pretty deep decodes

  6. All the clowns including Zack had the chargers
    Harry went KC any questions?

    1. No...Lewbowski had the Chiefs. Posted 11-17

      "Charles Gary Sullivan" = 83 <<< 23rd Prime
      "L.A. Bolts - Home - Loss" = 83
      "Football = 83

      "C.B.S. Tributes Andy Reid" = 83
      "M.N.F. - C.B.S. - A.F.C. West Road Win" = 83
      "Pick A.F.C. West Guest - M.N.F. - C.B.S." = 83

      "Mayrtr" = 32
      "Chiefs" = 32

    2. Zach is likely a disinfo agent employee of Vegas, here just to make troofseekers lose thousands. Guy talks about sports 80% of the time now. Tell me how this puts a dent in the "elites" plans? It doesn't.. It's just filling Zach's wallet.

    3. I have ears...and they work!

      If you trust someone to do your decoding for you, then surely you shouldn't expect to just get the winners? The value isn't in the pick, then value is in learning the ability to make the pick yourself. I am not real sure I feel sorry for anybody just expecting to get free picks. After all...In the real world...if he was going to blurt out the correct pick everytime...I doubt he would be allowed to continue. But what do I know? I'm O.K. with Zachary being a mystery. I come here to practice, and everyday, when I show up to the gym, there is bunch of Ass-hounds running around pissing on Trees, meanwhile Lebowski gets Stronger.

    4. @Lebowski I'm sorry, but my brain just melted reading your comment. "The value isn't in the pick, then value is in learning the ability to make the pick yourself." That to me just translates to "The value is in finding all the matching numbers and throwing out all the ones that don't". I mean yeah good for you but you've proven absolutely nothing.

      "After all...In the real world...if he was going to blurt out the correct pick everytime...I doubt he would be allowed to continue." I'm sorry, what? If Zach was even putting a dent in the so-called "Powers that be" he would have been assassinated years ago. All this supposed "censorship" he's had on YouTube isn't all conspiracy from the government trying to stop him, he'd be DEAD, believe me.

    5. O.k. SO What. Gematria is being used to decode everything across the board without any doubt. The art of Gematria is Matching Numbers. I don't give a shit if Zachary isn't legit, I don't give him money, and I don't need his work.

  7. 7 Point Margin:

    "L.A. Bolts Defeated" = 50
    "Tribute to A.F.C." = 50
    "Seven Points" = 50
    "Seventh Win" = 50
    "In PLayoff" = 50
    "Lose Fourth" = 50

    "Chiefs" = 50
    "E.S.P.N. Tribute" = 50

  8. MNF was played on the 20th day of the 2nd month on the Hebrew Civil Calendar (20/2). It's also a day leaving 128 days left on the Hebrew Religious Calendar. Andy Reid picked up his 202 win on the 20th day of the 2nd month, sitting on 128 losses on a day leaving 128 left. If you follow the Hebrew calendar like I show you, last week you would of seen Andy Reid picking up his 128th loss on the 12th day of the 8th month (128) on the Hebrew Religious Calendar, a day leaving 136 left in the year. "Andy Reid"= 136

    View more of my work online @ youtube just copy paste link:

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  10. Luka Modric won last seasons football soccer Balon Dor. Luka Doncic will win the MVP this season its all connected.

  11. Harrybutts106November 19, 2019 at 3:12 AM

    All the clowns including Zack had the chargers 
    Harry went KC any questions?
    Well ,the league tends to create balance and parity. Seemed they wouldn't let both the The Rams and Chargers fall this season entirety....although the Niners and Yes, Raiders ate making up for it.
    LA already has 2 world series and a SB appearance and nba championship soon to come


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