Sunday, November 10, 2019

25 52 67 73 119 331 | Matt Travis, New York wrestler, dead at 25, November 9, 2019

Matt Travis died at age 25, on the day leaving 52-days in, November 9, 2019.

Death = 25 / 52

11/9/2019 = 11+9+20+19 = 59 (Kill = 59) (Accident = 59)

Love you bro = 51 (The news comes on the day leaving 51-days in the year)

His name has the same gematria as Dwight Ritchie, who died on the same day.

His birthday is unknown, but he had fought in 25 matches, matching his age of death, 25.

He wrestled for CZW.

He wrestled for House of Glory, as well as CZW.

The cause of death is an 'accident', after being hit by a 'dump truck', while on his 'bicycle'.

11/9/2019 = 11+9+20+19 = 59

Notice how dump truck and wrestling overlap.

And as a reminder...


  1. My brother calls matches for House of Glory here in Queens.. Seems pretty legit that he's actually dead, but I definitely suspect some foul play here.

  2. Apparently Travis' theme song was called "Go Uptown" (Harlem is uptown Manhattan).. A lyric supposedly goes "Harlem tell em I sent ya.. Here in August, I'm gon til November".. He was born in August, died in November.

  3. Legionary07 your brother is JD from NewYork


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