Wednesday, November 27, 2019

27 34 38 67 103 331 | Godfrey Gao, actor, dead at 35, filming reality TV show Chase Me, November 27, 2019

This man has died on his 67th day of his age.

Reality TV Show = 62 / 73; Sacrifice = 62 / 73

He has also died on the 331st day of the year.  331, 67th prime

And notice November 27 leaves 34-days in the year.  11/27 = 11+27 = 38

As for it being the 27th of the month, this is where his name connects. 

Gao = 58; Godfrey Gao = 58 / 77; Secret Society = 58 / 77; 11/27/2019 = 11+27+20+19 = 77

As for him being 35, remember, that number symbolizes Svengali, the evil in the industry.

And last, this comes on a date with 77 numerology.

11/27/2019 = 11+27+20+19 = 77


  1. I'm sorry but how you can possibly say with a straight face that you don't just pick and choose numbers/ciphers is absolutely beyond me. If this isn't selective reasoning then IDK what TF is.

    1. This is actually an eclipse riddle, which Zach might never admit, but it's clear as day. My post makes a lot more sense of this:

  2. What a piece of shit Zachary has become. Obsessed with pushing people to gamble no matter what, so he doesn't have to bet himself. All for his gain. Truly disturbing. Zach's lost it. Picks suck, patreon is a disaster, and he's sitting back collecting money from it. Karma is going to destroy him

    1. If Hubbard had even a shred of intent on exposing these so called "powers that be", he would realize that posting lame-ass blog posts and YouTube videos has gotten him ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE all these years. Yet evidently he seems perfectly content with repeating the same actions over and over that have gotten him nowhere. Shows you what his REAL intent is.

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  5. GG = 77, 77 date numerology, Gilbert Gottfried was exactly 777 months old. His August 11th warning was actually synched up with this death - classic Illuminati curveball. If you care, that is.

    1. Get your own mind and stay off Hubbard's needle twig.

    2. The trolling here is real. I feel sorry for you that you feel this is a good expenditure of your time.


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