Tuesday, November 26, 2019

35 159 165 | Aircraft violates White House airspace and Judge tells Trump he is not a King, November 26, 2019 news

What a day for an 'aircraft' to violate the White House's restricted space.

11/26/2019 = 11+26+20+19 = 76

Read about the 'bomb cyclone' news on this same day:


And as for the Donald Trump not being a king headline...


Today, November 26, is the 330th day of the year, leaving 35-days remaining.

King James was a Scottish Rite Freemason, and of course, Trump's ancestors are Scottish, and he is now the President in D.C., the city named after the Scottish Rite Freemason, George Washington, who once became President with no opposition to the throne.

Also, today is 165-days after Trump's birthday.

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